Sweet home Alabama

SEC sports information directors, al.com has a bone to pick with you.

The 72nd annual preseason All-SEC offense and defense came out this week, and I am happy to say that the league’s 14 sports information directors mostly got it right.

However, there was a few notable oversights and snubs, particularly on the defense.

Oversight number one:

Second-team quarterback

Who was picked: Jake Fromm, Georgia

Who should have been picked: Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

Fromm is a solid quarterback who led his team to the College Football Playoff National Championship game as a freshman a year ago, but he’s far from spectacular. While I had no issue with Missouri’s Drew Lock in the first-team spot, the second-team pick should have been someone with more upside as a passer. Stidham was very good in his first year in the SEC, and could reach new heights this season.

Statistically speaking, Fromm finished with a higher passer rating than Stidham, threw for more touchdowns and had a higher yards per attempt.  As far as upside goes, Fromm was the true freshman.

You’d think with Gus’ track record of over-hyped quarterbacks, you’d tread more carefully here, although I guess this is what the home folks want.  I suppose it could have been worse.  He could have pushed Tua instead.


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25 responses to “Sweet home Alabama

  1. Got Cowdog

    For real. I was looking for TT in there somewhere. It’ll be fun to listen to them if Fromm and the Dawgs steamroll this year like I think they will ……….

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  2. Edawg

    TT BOY?


  3. Ray S

    Isn’t that an 80s porn actor?


  4. Dawg1

    Higher Pass Completion percentage. More TDs, More yards gained per attempt (with, I might add, a less talented WR bunch than Auburn’s studs even excluding Kyle Davis).

    What exactly else is a QB supposed to do (or is his job to be)?


    • 81Dog

      Don’t forget “win games, win the SEC, win bowl games.” Didn’t Fromm do better in every one of those categories, too? Nobody is saying Stidham can’t play a lick, but who has hardware from last year? Not the Barn.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Stidham actually had the higher completion percentage and averaged more attempts and yards per game. There’s an argument for Stidham, but it’s by no means some obvious mistake that needed to be singled out in this column. But it’s June. Gotta get those clicks.


  5. Cpark58

    That’s right, Fromm sucks. Keep undervaluing him. When the chips are down and the running game is stalled because the defense is selling out to stop it I guess we’ll see.

    Last year we beat the piss out of most everyone we played by showcasing our seniors, running the ball, and landing body blows early and bludgeoning the defense late in games.

    Dude is a winner and does what’s needed but somehow that’s confused with lack of ability. If you can win with a king don’t show the ace.


  6. The writers at al.com are absolutely terrible. They don’t even hide their homerism for the local 2 programs.

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  7. Cosmic Dawg

    Since when does “upside” get you a slot?


    • Macallanlover

      Next they will claim it is their NFL potential we should use. Maybe height and hand size should be in the criteria. Note to al.com: we had a Sophomore QB last year that was viewed to have more “upside”, how did that work out? Where was the outrage when Jalen Hurts was highly rated by SEc writers entering last season?


  8. Vidaliaway

    Lawyer commercials suck. Google sux for putting them on here. Oh, and yes al.com sux.


  9. Reipar

    I thought I read that Steele listed him first team. Sounds like there is reason to think he is a better QB than Fromm.


  10. Stoopnagle

    Thows the slants. They get it.

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  11. Debby Balcer

    Jake gets no respect.


  12. UGA '97

    Yep and we just saw yesterday that Stidham wasn’t listed among top 5 QBRs in SEC when under pressure..O-line and WRs and TEs should be enough to give Fromm the edge for writers trying to look forward to All whatever lists going into this season.


  13. dawgfan

    Not sure Stidham was so good when away from the barn. Any big road wins at all for the barn last year? Nothing like South Bend, Atlanta, or Pasadena that I can recall.


  14. JCDAWG83

    Everyone knows Jake Bentley is the Heisman front runner.

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  15. Remember the Quincy

    I live in Birmingham, and I can tell you that if al.com didn’t pander to Bammers and Barbers, they’d shut their doors. It’s a terrible news organization that has lost a ton of readers over the years.


  16. Not spectacular? And Stidham is? Give me a freaking break…
    Stidham is a guy who started a few games but couldn’t keep the job at Baylor, and just like his time at AU, is decent in regular season games, but very obviously folds under the pressure in BIG games for all the marbles!
    For the chuckleheaded Alabama homers at al.com…Fromm doesn’t.
    Before I read some silly retort about the NC, Fromm didn’t lose that game, our defensive secondary did.
    Fromm gave us the lead and the chance to be national champs, and the defense failed to properly defend that last play and left a receiver wide-assed open for the winning score.
    Fromm is a winner…and opposing teams better wake up and smell what’s cookin’…he’s the kind of player that keeps DC’s up at night and gets HC’s fired.