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Our next savior has committed.

Welcome, John Rhys Plumlee!  An eager Dawgnation awaits the QBR from your first G-Day appearance.


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Hell hath no fury like a Hat scorned.

Shorter Les Miles:  At least when my teams stopped winning the West, I kept my dignity.


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“That’s the whole thing with the title, is this thing was 10 years in the making.”

Here’s the perfect gift for that special Tennessee fan in your life.

When Tennessee fans and other university stakeholders met an attempt to hire Greg Schiano as the Volunteers’ football coach with fury last November, Mark Nagi noticed a widespread framing of the saga that lacked proper context.

“The perception nationally was that Tennessee fans flipped out because they weren’t hiring Jon Gruden, and that’s why they had the revolt,” Nagi said this past week. “When in actuality, this had been building for 10 years.”

Nagi, who has covered Vols sports for 20 years, decided to set the record straight.

His newly released book, “Decade of Dysfunction,” uses interviews with more than 100 fans, former Tennessee coaches, former players and athletic department staff members to paint a full picture of a bleak period in Vols athletics that simply culminated with the Schiano fiasco.

“I just knew that it all added up, and that’s why you had what happened on Sunday, November 26th,” Nagi said, referencing the date when news leaked that Schiano was in line to replace Butch Jones as Tennessee’s football coach. “It wasn’t just because it was Greg Schiano. It almost had nothing at all to do with Greg Schiano. It’s just he was the spark that put Tennessee fans finally over the edge.

This touch made me laugh out loud.

The paperback book is available for $19.98 on Amazon — the price being a homage to the year of Tennessee’s last football national championship — and a Kindle version is available also.

Nothing says living in the past like overpayment.  Think I’ll wait ’til this baby hits the cut-out bin.



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