Hell hath no fury like a Hat scorned.

Shorter Les Miles:  At least when my teams stopped winning the West, I kept my dignity.


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7 responses to “Hell hath no fury like a Hat scorned.

  1. Derek

    If he wasn’t a dumbass he’d still be coaching them.


    • Argondawg

      More than anything he had the misfortune of playing in the west the same time Saban has been coach at Bama. He would have won the SEC a bunch of times without the 300 lb gorilla in Tuscaloosa. I do find it odd how hard it was for him to get decent QB. How he doesn’t already have a job surprises me.


      • 92 grad

        I dunno, when Saban built LSU up years ago he turned it into a top-5 coaching destination. Miles at his best maintained the program, had some big wins, but there was an annual slide. I would think an AD at a big time school would question how coach miles let the program slide when all it needed was a roster with stability at QB. LSU had many very good coordinators and great rosters, the QB thing is a mystery.


      • Derek

        No excuse for lining up in the I and thinking you’re just gonna blow Bama off the ball like he did. You’ve got to get them into nickel and mix it up or you’re sunk. The FB has to come off the field.

        That’s just stupid coaching.

        As far as I’m concerned Lester’s continued unemployment verifies my thoughts all along. He’s just not a very good football coach.


        • Bright Idea

          Even in the I he often had some great receivers running wide open but couldn’t get the ball to them regularly. The media also was absolutely in love with Miles so recruiting a QB to that program should have been easy. Some of them couldn’t stay out of trouble either.