“That’s the whole thing with the title, is this thing was 10 years in the making.”

Here’s the perfect gift for that special Tennessee fan in your life.

When Tennessee fans and other university stakeholders met an attempt to hire Greg Schiano as the Volunteers’ football coach with fury last November, Mark Nagi noticed a widespread framing of the saga that lacked proper context.

“The perception nationally was that Tennessee fans flipped out because they weren’t hiring Jon Gruden, and that’s why they had the revolt,” Nagi said this past week. “When in actuality, this had been building for 10 years.”

Nagi, who has covered Vols sports for 20 years, decided to set the record straight.

His newly released book, “Decade of Dysfunction,” uses interviews with more than 100 fans, former Tennessee coaches, former players and athletic department staff members to paint a full picture of a bleak period in Vols athletics that simply culminated with the Schiano fiasco.

“I just knew that it all added up, and that’s why you had what happened on Sunday, November 26th,” Nagi said, referencing the date when news leaked that Schiano was in line to replace Butch Jones as Tennessee’s football coach. “It wasn’t just because it was Greg Schiano. It almost had nothing at all to do with Greg Schiano. It’s just he was the spark that put Tennessee fans finally over the edge.

This touch made me laugh out loud.

The paperback book is available for $19.98 on Amazon — the price being a homage to the year of Tennessee’s last football national championship — and a Kindle version is available also.

Nothing says living in the past like overpayment.  Think I’ll wait ’til this baby hits the cut-out bin.


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15 responses to ““That’s the whole thing with the title, is this thing was 10 years in the making.”

  1. Derek

    The powers that be flipped out when Leach was being viewed as a serious candidate.


  2. Dysfunction? That’s a compliment for what has happened on Rocky Top the last 10 years. How about complete chaos?


  3. Hill Billy Dawg

    Living 15 miles from the 10rc line and amongst a plethora of the orange clad, time I mention ANYTHING to one fan, they love to throw back, “ you’re still living in 1980”
    I try to just grin and tell them “you’re only as good as your last game…or the last 4-8 season” or “I know! Dawgs are only 12-6 since 2000” . Sometimes I just say “41-0” and walk away.
    I frigging hate em.


  4. Bright Idea

    Is there a chapter about how they got tired of Fulmer and ran him off that ignited this dysfunction?


    • Biggus Rickus

      Eh. After 2001, Fulmer lost at least two regular season games every year and was 57-32 overall, with as many losing seasons as East titles. I get why they wanted to get rid of him. The problem is every other decision they made after that.


  5. Macallanlover

    Decades of Dysfunction would be more accurate. Only one of the most inexplicable fumbles in CFB history against Arky to give them their only MNC since the 1950s. Want to see how they arrived at being ahead of UGA in all time wins? Go add up the number of wins are against just college teams located in TN and KY, astounding.

    They are a passionate group for sure, but the most myopic one I have ever seen. It isn’t CFB they love, just anything wearing the ugly orange only they love. Go to a sports bar in TN and every single TV will be on their game, regardless of how significant a game of other teams are available to watch. I get the majority, but all of them? I don’t even put UGA on every TV in my own home on Saturdays. Like others here, I love to watch UGA stick it to their hillbilly asses. Hope they get curb stomped again this season by SEC teams!


  6. Go Dawgs!

    That price is only for Vol fans. If one of us tries to buy it, we’ll be charged $41.00.

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  7. Argondawg

    On Fulmer: “At the end of the day, Tennessee has someone in charge of the athletic department who people feel is 100 percent invested in getting Tennessee back to where it needs to go,” Nagi said. “Honestly, I feel that for a lot of Tennessee fans, that’s all that they’ve ever wanted, to have someone there who they felt was as invested in the program as they were.”

    They ran him out on a rail. It’s just so odd that now he is worshipped like a returning hero. How much oxygen is left for Pruitt when they are in a room together. It may be CJPs team but it’s Fulmer’s damn University.

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  8. Whiskeydawg

    My brother is a large Orange fan; he, his Orange friends, and many other of the Orangina persuasion seemed to really dislike Schiano personally at the time. Blaming him for a portion of what happened at PSU. When it was discovered that the great, Payton Manning and some other Orange Oligarchs were behind the Schiano hire (and not the AD); Manning and clan said nothing in defense of Schiano’s hire or the AD once the uproar started. That seem to tear a big hole in the very Orange gingham fabric which holds the Rocky Top universe together.


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    Sorry UT fans, again it’s been more than a decade of dysfunction, so please spare us the BS. As I’ve mentioned here before, you have a losing record in SEC play this century, so let’s stop pretending your troubles started with Dooley and then Jones. Since 2004 – or way back when our current recruiting targets were mere toddlers – you’ve won 10 games in a regular season only once.

    Maybe up there a decade equals 20 years, otherwise again they are trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Looking forward to Mark Nagi’s next Tennessee book, “Century in the Cellar”.


  11. 92 grad

    Y’all can quip and snipe til weeks end, urnge is NOT allowed on my property. PERIOD. My kids drink apple juice and no pumpkins allowed.

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