Stay classy, “War Eagle”.

You never know if Twitter stories are true, but, Gawd, I really hope this one is.

Now there’s a different twist on the ol’ “How do you get a rival student/grad off your front porch? Tip him for the pizza” joke.



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  1. Doug

    For a fan base that loves to drag Bama fans for being petty and dumb, Auburn fans sure don’t ever miss a chance to say “Hold my beer.”

    Anyway, if my pizza were delivered by, say, a Florida grad, I’d simply smile and say “Aw, bless your heart,” and write down an even bigger tip than I would’ve ordinarily given—along with a P.S. reading “Keep working hard, kiddo, follow your dreams, and go Dawgs.”


    • Hill Billy Dawg

      Been there and done that. The other day after finding out my nurse was a techie, I told her that I didn’t get a chance to talk to many tech fans but when I did I usually asked for large fries; I then proceeded to tell my doctor how good she was to me and how she took great care of my old ass. I don’t see any reasons to poison the trees.


      • Dawg1

        Wonder if she felt the same…I’d check that old ass for poison! Was the sweet tea she served greenish!!


  2. Auburn fans (except WarD) seem to have a little brother complex that would make tech fans/alumni blush.

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    • Dolly Llama

      I dunno, man. When you’re talking little brother complex, Tech is the gold standard.


    • 81Dog

      Ward seems like a really nice guy. Frankly, I wonder if he really is an AU fan. My experience with 99% of them leads me to suspect they are nothing like he seems to be.


      • Russ

        One on one, I’ve found any fan is okay. I have a buddy that’s a rabid Auburn fan. We give each other grief but it’s always good natured. When I chided him about $Cam, he just grinned and said I was mad because we were outbid.


      • Uglydawg

        I live in Coweta, so I know a lot of AU people. Most of them are good folks..there are jerks everywhere and from everywhere. But the guy that did that would be stupid to ever order another pizza from the same store…Payback is often a bee-itch.


  3. CPark58

    Classlessness aside, why was the auburn guy asking about the background and college of the pizza delivery guy? Trying to gauge his own qualifications for the position?

    That is typically a 35 second interchange.
    -“Here’s your pizza, that’ll be $27.50”
    -“here you go, thanks.”


  4. Borodawg

    Yeah, I would imagine the Auburn guy’s next pizza will have the special sauce included for free.


  5. 81Dog

    Is losing a tip that was probably in the 1 to 2% range really that big a deal? Barners are the cheapest SOBs in the entire world, in addition to being the most petty.

    Buddy of mine, who is also a UGA grad, has a father who is an Alabama grad (great guy, too). His dad told us 37 years ago, “Sugar Bowl promoters hate it when Auburn goes to New Orleans. They bring the 10 Commandments and a $10 bill, and they don’t break either one of them.”


  6. Normaltown Mike

    If you lived in Charlotte, why would you send your kids to Bama?

    I get that a lotta kids can’t get into UNC, but I’d rather send them to NC State, Clemson, hell, App State than all the way across 2 states to T-town.


    • David K

      Bama throws around scholarship money like crazy to metro Atlanta kids who are smart but can’t get into Georgia. I’d guess they target other metropolitan areas like Charlotte as well. There just aren’t enough smart kids in the state of Alabama. If they relied on in-state kids their school would be suck balls. Ole Miss does the same.


      • Milledge Hall

        True that David K. My son, now in his second year at UGA was offered in state tuition to Bama and Old Miss. Thank the Good Lord he got in to UGA!!

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