Check out the big brain on Brad.

Interesting trend depicted here…

Maybe kids have just gotten smarter.  Or maybe there’s a growing realization among football student-athletes that there’s a path to having some control over their collegiate careers.  I wonder which… damn, I hate these Occam’s razor puzzles!



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7 responses to “Check out the big brain on Brad.

  1. Otto

    Spot the sport which offer the least playing time with the most money waiting after college if you do well.


  2. Reipar

    Yep. Only two options on why it could be happening.


  3. AceDawg

    Certainly beats the option of leaving a D1 degree opportunity behind to find a place on the field at a Juco.


    • Mayor

      This^^. If you aren’t happy with your playing time go to class, study hard, take overloads, work hard learning your craft on the football field, graduate early and you will have a degree and likely 2 full seasons of eligibility left, too.


  4. St. Johns Dawg

    Agree with the point … And it would be interesting to see the 2016-17 stats compared to the number of D-1 college coaches who left/were fired. There’s probably some correlation but it’s not the whole story.


  5. DawgPhan

    14000 D1 football players

    211 transferred, or about 1.5%.

    think of all the wailing and complaining that is done over such a small group of players.

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