Musical palate cleanser, you ain’t a beauty edition

Every time I hear this song, I remember how much I loved the opening verse, right from the moment I first dropped needle on vinyl:

The screen door slams, Mary’s dress waves
Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays
Roy Orbison singing for the lonely
Hey, that’s me and I want you only
Don’t turn me home again, I just can’t face myself alone again

I was lucky enough to hear the Boss play this live, in what seemed like the split second between Born to Run’s release and it exploding (along with his career) commercially, at the old Agora in Atlanta.  Small venue, and a stage close to the audience.  In a way, it was almost too intimate.  I loved every second of it.

“Thunder Road” is one of those songs that’s burned on my soul.  It’s a part of my life in some deep-set way.  It’s what makes pop music great.



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19 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, you ain’t a beauty edition

  1. Got Cowdog

    “Don’t run back inside. Darlin’ you know just what I’m here for…..”
    Born to Run. Nothing more to say, just pull it up in the tunes, turn it up and flirt with the the speed limit………


  2. Bulldawg Bill

    “Candy’s Room” always does it for me!


  3. truck

    I’ve long since grown weary of Springsteen’s pretentiousness, but thank God I still have this song. His most beautiful composition. The guitar-sax duet on the outro gives me chills every time.


  4. TimberRidgeDawg


    For all the success that followed, this was his greatest work and brings back memories and puts me in another time and place like no other album….

    4th Row Center at the Fox 1976… then across the street to the Electric Ballroom for REO Speedwagon and Ridin’ the Storm Out

    Good Times…

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  5. Mary Kate Danaher

    Seen the man 23 times, and it never gets old. Sprung for Springsteen on Broadway tickets, which probably means fewer Dawg road trips.



    His voice is chain saw like. Grating….his best work was when he played the Live Show with Roy Orbison.


  7. March 4,1977 3d row, Jacksonville Civic Center on the river. His long intro to It’s My Life, Spirits in the Night, Sandy, Rosalita, Blinded by the Light, the James Brown exit on a stretcher – what a great show! Only thing that ruined it was some fu from FU tried to jack my seat before the show started. Maybe that’s why I hate ’em so much.


  8. ASEF

    My first Springsteen concert was Birmingham, Dec. 6, 1984. He was in the middle of a massive tour, but he played almost 4 hours. There were Toys for Tots booths set up around the hall, and he said he’d keep playing as long as they told him people were still donating. He did.

    His storytelling live was something I didn’t know anything about until that night. I still get chills when I hear the opening to The River.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Fwiw, I always thought it was ‘…Mary’s dress sways..’.
    Either way, I’m singing with him whenever I hear it. That and Jungleland. I like these saga songs with a lot of well placed horns, piano, etc.


  10. Got Cowdog

    Am I the only one who’s been jamming to Springsteen all day?
    RD above….., man those are some great tunes. Rosalita, Spirits, even some of the newer stuff. Brilliant disguise, One step up. Funny thing about it is, I’ve not listened to the Boss in ages. Thanks Senator, good selection for a hot-assed day in NE GA.