I call that a bargain, the best I’ve ever had.

Shorter Stacey Osburn:  if you compare Mark Emmert’s more than $2.4 million compensation package to what Larry Scott’s pulling down, he’s worth every penny.


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8 responses to “I call that a bargain, the best I’ve ever had.

  1. UGA '97

    Emmert has Yoda’s mouth in that pic. May be fitting since he never speaks with a logical syntax and seems to have been in position for 900 years.


  2. Mary Kate Danaher

    Sweet Who reference, Senator.


  3. South FL Dawg

    Interesting market they’ve got there.


  4. How about the 5 game $315 dollar offer for the Dawgs I just got?

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  5. DugLite

    She should have no comment. That would fall in line with her job duty.


  6. Mayor

    Emmett is an incompetent asshole. The only thing that would make this even more weird would be if Mike Adams were NCAA President and getting paid that kind of money.