The best laid mini-plans

I, like many of you, got this offer in my emails yesterday.

A package, I assume, that’s been put together thanks to ticket returns from the visitors… which says all you need to say about Georgia Tech fans’ wishes and hopes for the upcoming season.  Chantastic!


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20 responses to “The best laid mini-plans

  1. DC Weez

    In honor of Georgia Tech, this deal should come with hot dogs.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I love it! Tech in with the dregs!

    [he sez with fingers crossed]


  3. ATL Dawg

    Anybody who buys that should have their head examined.


  4. When I saw the Vandy game was going to be in the $75 tier, all I could think was here come the returns.

    For those of you who want to go to these games, wait patiently until they quietly go on StubHub for less than face.


    • ChiliDawg

      3 of the 5 games on that list you can go to for free if you just show up and wait for someone to give you a ticket. The season ticket holders will probably stay at the RV’s and drink.


  5. Bright Idea

    600 level I assume.


  6. B-UGA

    I may give $145 for all 5 of those tickets. Even with season ticket sell outs, I still see it hard filling the stadium for at least 3 games of that stinker of a home schedule.


    • Austin Peay – I just can’t see a home opener not selling out especially one that starts at 3:30. If we can put 80k+ in Sanford for a glorified scrimmage, we should be able to put 90k+ in for what will likely be Justin Fields’s first appearance in a real game. All of this with raising an SEC championship banner makes me think this game will eventually sell out.

      MTSU – night games in Athens sell out even against cupcakes (see Samford last year). I would be surprised for 90k+ not to show up.

      UMass – the AA will send every unused tickets home with a local elementary school kid to get a sell out.


  7. Stoopnagle

    Tech knows what’s coming.



    2 in the hand for the GT game might be worth it for many folks….


    • DawgPhan

      I can’t imagine that there is a person out there with $700 to spend on 2 Ga Tech tickets, that would be happy to sit in the 600 level. I mean, there might be, but I kinda hope there isnt.

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    • I think when these “mini-plans” don’t get snapped up immediately, the UGAAA will begin to sell them as single game tickets. That’s when the tech and Vandy tickets will probably get immediately bought up.

      The other 3 are going to be a tough sell unless the AA is willing to let them go for less than the face value.


  9. Russ

    Gee, with a slate like that, who could resist?


  10. DawgPhan

    The tech ticket is the only one that you might have to pay for out side the stadium if you are willing to sit in the 600 level.


  11. The Georgia Way

    Some of the very best views of our beautiful campus are reserved exclusively for our 600-level patrons.



  12. UGA '97

    So buy a Tech Game Ticket and instead of 4 hotdogs/ 4 cokes, you get 4 cupcakes? Nice job Butts-Mehre!


  13. Debby Balcer

    If they are seats that are returned aren’t they in the lower level near the opposing teams band?