The LSU game, and a factual tidbit that may matter

Given the public reaction, I may be something of an outlier on this, but count me in the group that sees the LSU game as Georgia’s biggest road challenge of the 2018 season.  LSU may have questions about the head coach and its quarterback, but overall, it’s still got plenty of talent and one of the most intimidating home environments in college football.

That being said, Pete Fiutak lays out an interesting factoid that may very well turn out to be the key to the game.

The Tigers opened up the 2014 season with a tough win over a Wisconsin ground game that cranked out 268 rushing yards and three scores. Since then, the program is 0-10 when giving up two bills, including the 285 allowed in the 37-7 loss to Mississippi State, and the 206 given up to Troy in the stunner.

Florida came close – running for 194 yards and averaging over five yards per carry – in the too-tight 17-16 loss, and Auburn ran well, too – but lost. Both games were battles, though.

If there’s a team that’s built for 200+ rushing yards in a game, it’s Georgia.


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20 responses to “The LSU game, and a factual tidbit that may matter

  1. willypmd

    Not trying to be snarky, but I imagine most teams lose when giving up 200 yards rushing.


  2. lakedawg

    Do not believe the tigers can score enough to win, although our D might not be as good early on as last years guys.


  3. Dawg1

    The fact that they beat a good Auburn team last year says these Tigers may have some bite left. But…the lack of a settled QB so early in the year provides the edge to UGA, IMO.


    • Hillbilly Dawg

      Maybe I misread you, but we play LSU the seventh game. I don’t see a QB question for them. The kid from OSUt just transferred, and he’s a player. LSU could be dangerous this year as long as Orgeron doesn’t trip over himself.


    • Russ

      Beating Wisconsin was no small fest, either. They have some talent, just hope the coaching overcomes it.


  4. dawgfan

    LSU is on the road at UF the week before. Georgia has Vandy at home. Another advantage to Georgia.


  5. If we rush for 175+ against the Corn Dogs, we win comfortably (10-15) because at that point, we have balance. If we don’t, we’ll be in for Dawg and Cat fight for 60 minutes.


  6. ASEF

    Orgeron is 21-8 in his last two stints as head coach. The pattern seems pretty simple – he beats the teams he out-talents, he loses more than he wins when the talent is equal, and he loses consistently, if not spectacularly, when the other team is more talented.

    24-13 Georgia.


  7. David K

    I think our program is getting closer and closer to where Bama is at. Not saying we’re there yet, but we’re much closer now than 3 years ago. That being said, here’s recent history of LSU vs. Alabama
    2017 Bama won 24-10
    2016 Bama won 10-0
    2015 Bama won 30-16
    2014 Bama won 20-13
    2013 Bama won 38-17
    2012 Bama won 21-17


  8. paul

    Bourbon infused Death Valley at night is probably one of the more intimidating venues in the country. If our guys settle down quickly and start grinding it out I think a 10 to 14 point win is probable. On the other hand, you don’t want to allow those Cajuns to hang around. It could cost us a W. Last year we went into Knute Rockne’s house, the Rose Bowl and the National Championship and never looked like we felt overwhelmed by any of those situations. Let’s hope we are equally prepared for Baton Rouge. I’m betting we will be.


    • I think one of our advantages will be that CBS will put the game at 3:30 as the SEC GotW instead of an ESPN prime time game.


      • ASEF

        Bama-LSU has been the CBS night game for awhile now. I could see them going Georgia-LSU this year if Georgia is undefeated – a combination of Bama fatigue and the odds that a Georgie W would diminish the value of a LSU-Bam tilt down the road.


  9. ilini84

    Tell me again just what ya’ll mean with this “intimidating”? Loud, scary or what? These guys are going in and risking their life and limb slamming into each other, do you really think nice scares them?


    • 79Dawg

      You have obviously never felt the concrete under your feet shake in Neyland, Jordan-Hare or Williams-Brice, or had to almost fight your way out of them…


    • Hard to call plays at the LOS when you can’t hear yourself think.


      • Otto

        I have been to Neyland multiple times UGA OT as well as UT vs SC. Jordan-Hare many times as well, LSU for Tiger bowl is the loudest game I’ve been to and LSU won in a game that wasn’t close.

        The kids aren’t scared but communication and reacting logically are another thing.


  10. UGA '97

    2018 Stats, courtesy of Phil Steele:

    -Career O-Line Starts Returning = LSU ranks 119th nationally (UGA- 69th)

    -% Yards Returning = LSU ranks 129th nationally (UGA- 73)