This financial aggression will not stand, man.

Well, now.

If you don’t think Greg Sankey’s hearing about this from some of his presidents/athletic directors, you’re dreaming.


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  1. Chi-town Dawg

    I assume the $14M increase in revenue payouts from 2018 is attributed to the new Fox sports deal th BIG10 signed last year. If so, that’s a pretty sizable bump from parceling out some of their games.

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  2. ASEF

    Well, if a sport is going to turn itself into a TV product, the size of your TV markets in the footprint tend to matter. The fact that the SEC makes so much more than the P12, for example, despite a massive head count differential, is remarkable.

    Maybe this is the push 9 games needed.


  3. tbia

    Welcome to the SEC, Temple and Northern Illinois!


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Top TV Markets for College Football – Average Rating

    Birmingham, AL — 6.8
    Columbus, OH — 5.0
    Greenville, SC. — 4.5
    Oklahoma City — 3.9
    Knoxville, TN — 3.9
    Tulsa, OK — 3.5
    Nashville, TN — 3.5
    Atlanta, GA — 3.5
    Jacksonville, FL — 3.4
    Dayton, OH — 3.1
    New Orleans, LA — 3.1

    Highest-rated games:

    Perhaps Mr. Sankey should hire Mr. Sexton to negotiate his next batch of SEC media contracts.


    • Spur 21

      Following that link for ratings I see a huge recruiting tool. Prospects want to be seen – play for UGA and be SEEN.


    • Dolly Llama

      That Greenville stat is remarkable at first glance, but with Clemson and South Carolina both on the teevee, you star to think “Hell, what else do those people have to do?”