“We wanted to be responsive to our fans.”

The header’s a pretty good tip this isn’t about Georgia football.  It seems UNLV is making a fan-friendly gesture (h/t calderw) in hopes it’ll lure some bodies through the door.

Some tickets for UNLV football this fall will include unlimited concession items in an initiative university officials believe is unique in college athletics. They also say it’s a tremendous value.

The three-game “Eat All You Can Plan,” which will provide boundless hot dogs, popcorn, nachos and soda, costs $79. While all-you-can-eat promotions are common at Major League Baseball stadiums, it is not prominent on a college football Saturday.

The games are Sept. 8 against UTEP; Nov. 3 against Fresno State; Nov. 24 in the Fremont Cannon rivalry game against UNR.

“It’s a great way for your family to enjoy first-class entertainment and create a memory for an affordable price,” said Desiree Reed-Francois, UNLV’s athletic director.

What a novel idea.  It inspired three rapid thoughts on my part, one right after the other:

  1.   How cool would it be to do something similar at some of the cupcake games at Sanford Stadium?
  2.   Then again, can you imagine the nightmare at Sanford concession stands that would entail from offering that to thousands of Georgia fans?
  3.   Then again, charging for the concessions – never actually serving the concessions because of massive delivery bottlenecks =     moar profit!

I think I may be on to something here, Greg.


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13 responses to ““We wanted to be responsive to our fans.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    You do not want to get between some football fans and an all you can eat concession.

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  2. JG Shellnutt

    UGA basketball has done that before

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  3. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we were already in front of this.

    The Georgia Way pioneered this concept years ago with our unlimited Coca-Cola refill program.

    The key to the program’s financial success was to limit the refills to only three concession stands.

    Ultimately, we discontinued this popular fan-friendly program when our volunteer labor at the remaining stands began to no-show late in the season.

    This is is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!



  4. Got Cowdog

    My thought process was the same as yours, and I went through the progression while still on the article snippet. Funny.


  5. Walt

    No wonder so many people in this country are obese.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Given the lardification of America and the sheer amount of food we consume, anything involving all-you-can-eat concessions makes me cringe, and I certainly hope they have EMT on full standby for any emergency heart issues that surely will arise. The Dodgers have the all you can eat pavilion section out in right field, and a quick walk through that section during a game quickly turns into a nice motivator to never overeat or eat crappy food ever again.

    Serious question – what percent of our fan base aged, say, 25 or older would you say are in reasonable enough physical shape to indulge in such an offering where you’d look at them and think that this clearly is a rare splurge for them? I’d put that number in the single digits; probably low single digits.


    • Got Cowdog

      I gave up the buffets, sweets, junk food, fast food, etc. even sweet tea years ago as I still enjoy the occasional lustful gaze from Mrs. Cowdog, (aka the “Health Nut”)
      Aside: She talked me into a “Hot Yoga” class. I sweated out beers I drank back in high school.
      I would say that half of the population tries to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle, some with better success than others. I would also grant the point that the constant availability of low quality/high calorie foods challenges the success of most. Ya gotta have a little discipline and I’ll spare the rant about drive through nutrition.
      Bu net-net, I’m with Blutarsky. This isn’t about fun for the fans. It’s about getting $79.00 for $6.00 worth of food and conning the masses into thinking it’s all in appreciation to them, the loyal customers.


    • PTC DAWG

      Judge much?


  7. Dolly Llama

    Sounds too much like “Four hot dogs, four Cokes” to me.



    Who goes to football games to eat a lot? I usually grab a hot dog, but nothing else……hot dog is just tradition, I always eat one at a ballgame…any ballgame.


  9. dawgfan

    This concept ain’t new to UGA. Been doing it for basketball games for at least a few years.