Gators gonna Gator.

Florida men, for the win:

Former Pro Bowl cornerback and Jacksonville native Lito Sheppard’s vehicle was vandalized by a former high school and college teammate on Monday in Jacksonville Beach, police said.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department responded to a call from Sheppard, who said he was eating inside the Pier Cantina when his vehicle was vandalized. Sheppard said he wasn’t aware that his vehicle was damaged until he was driving it home from the restaurant. He said once he pulled over, he had to get his vehicle towed to the BMW dealership for repair.

Sheppard said he called the restaurant and they allowed him to view the surveillance video. He named former Florida Gators teammate Derrick “Jabar” Gaffney and his longtime girlfriend as suspects, according to the police report. He said the two have an ongoing feud that began in 2012.



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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Vandalizing a teammate’s car in an area where there are cameras?

    That’s gusty.


  2. Argondawg

    Gaffney has had a rough decade.

    In 2006, Gaffney was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a handgun in New Jersey.[21]

    In 2010, Gaffney was charged with non-violent resisting arrest.[22]

    In January 2016, he was arrested for marijuana and drug possession.[23]

    In October 2017, Gaffney was arrested for domestic battery.[24]


  3. Argondawg

    Oh and this detail:
    “Gaffney retrieved some type of tool and a container from the suspect’s vehicle, walked over to the passenger’s side of the victim’s vehicle near the gas tank, and pried it open,” the report said. “Gaffney then poured an unknown substance from the container into the gas tank … The unknown female walked around the vehicle and stabbed all of the tires with a sharp object.”

    The suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction. Sheppard said his vehicle sustained about $14,000 in damages.

    I hope it was worth it.


  4. The Tick

    Gaffney … Gaffney … oh, yes! the throat-slash signer … the lowdown common thief who rifled through the lockers at halftime of the Florida high school all-star game, stealing anything of value. The Gator who was enabled by his reprobate head coach who suspended him multiple times (but not during a game week). All in all, one of the more upstanding Gators of the modern era.


  5. Doug

    Gaffney actually dropped the “unknown substance” before he could get it into the gas tank, but the cops declared it vandalism anyway.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    “At a tombstone bar, in a juke joint car he made a stop. Just long enough to grab a handle off the top…”


  7. William Abbott

    Wonder if Gaffney dropped the substance he put in the gas tank like he dropped that “TD” catch vs Tenn in 2000. Earlier that year he stole money & a watch from the locker room during state high school title games but was given pre trial diversion. That seemed to turn him around as he was then arrested in 2006 for unlawful possession of a handgun, 2010 for resisting arrest, 2016 for drug possession & 2017 for domestic battery. Looks like Spurrier really helped this guy become quite the role model for Florida football but GO GATA right😂