Womp womp

You know without having to read another sentence where a post at Roll Bama Roll is headed after an opener like this:

I have never really paid any attention to ESPYS Awards.

I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Alabama doesn’t get any respect.


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  1. Derek

    They should refuse to appear on the network. Espn needs Bama more than Bama needs espn. (They no doubt feel that way.)

    The truth is that alabama wasn’t that great in 2017. They were ripe for the taking. Makes that ending all the more frustrating. And it will never be perceived as good a game as the Rose Bowl because it was marred by too many atrocious refereeing errors that all went in bama’s favor.

    12/1/18- revenge is ours!!!


  2. To have had the success that Bama has had, you would think that they would be ‘above’ this kind of thing. But if you watched the Paul Finebaum show during the month of January, you would have thought Georgia Fans disrespected every person who ever played for Bama, attended the school, mop the floor at, fan of or even remotely like the school colors.

    In these people’s head, there is only one great College Football Program and the rest you give reverence and bow down. Saban is 66 years old and while I have no doubt that Bama will be a strong program after this – I also have no doubt that SEC Championships will not come as they have in the past and that National Championships will be much tougher to come by.

    Part of me feels sorry for them… Part of me can’t wait…


  3. Do they really think the whole world of sports revolves around the state of Alabama? Most everyone outside Alabamastan knows that without a ton of luck and quite possibly the worst 30 minutes of officiating I’ve ever seen they wouldn’t be national champions. So, yes, Bammers, people have discounted that game. #TylerSimmonsWasOnsides

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m not exactly surprised that they’re such homers. Why should Roll Rama Roll be different from any other SB Nation college blog. Well, except for the casual hubris.
    I’m gonna get flamed for this, but I give close to even money that the Notre Dame women’s winning shot gets the ESPY. ESPN gets to shill ND and show its feminist cred at the same time.


  5. Doug

    Rule of thumb: if a writer’s thesis is “I don’t care about [X],” but he uses more than those four words to say so, he is lying.

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  6. Brandon

    Ugh, I mean, they lost a game, by historical standards in college football, that doesn’t put you in the GOAT conversation. I can understand them being left off “best team”. The Rose Bowl had more offense than the NC game (generally that kind of game catches the average non-affiliated bystanders imagination more), it also had the Heisman trophy winner, and it WAS at the Rose Bowl, one of the cathedrals of college football, it’s literally known as the granddaddy of them all.


  7. ATL Dawg

    Part of the problem is that the writer overestimates the importance of college football in the sports world (like many college football fans do).


  8. truck

    After Saban’s run of success, what’s left to motivate next year’s’ team except the “ESPY Disrespect” card?


  9. Tyler Simmons was onsides!


    • Still Pissed Off Spradlin

      Among other things.


    • Macallanlover

      I have never heard anyone say otherwise, it wasn’t even close enough for anyone to have a differing opinion..even the dumb Bammers. Most just flip the discussion to another point because this one is a slam dunk.


  10. Jeff Sanchez

    “ESPN has made a ton of money off all the eyeballs that the Crimson Tide brings to their network. You’d think they would recognize the achievements of this team”

    Boo f***ing hoo


  11. Silver Britches

    “It’s hard being an Alabama fan.” – Every Alabama fan I’ve ever talked to.

    I’m not even joking.


  12. ugafidelis

    I wish we’d have won the game just to shut them up about stuff like this.

    And for a myriad of other reasons as well but I digress.


  13. ASEF

    Bitching is a major ingredient in college football fandom. So I guess Bama’s fanbase is an irritating but fascinating case study. How do you find something to bitch about when your team has won 5 championships in 9 years?

    ESPYs to the rescue. I guess


  14. Hal Welch

    It’s honestly funny to see that now Georgia has their undying attention… Petty bastards.


  15. William Abbott

    Rose Bowl
    1,058 yds
    13 TD
    102 pts

    CFP Title Game
    736 yds
    5 TD
    49 pts

    No doubt which game was better & not just because of who won. As for bama game Simmons wasn’t offsides but Ala was on the punt so they would have had to kick again. On Swift facemask that wasn’t called UGA would have had ball at own 40 yard line so who knows what happens from there although Dawgs would have still had the ball. The 2 plays that hurt the most were the personal foul on Fromm by Mack Wilson that wasn’t called & Najee Harris offsides on TD in 4th quarter. Dawgs would have 1st down at the Ala 24 with facemask so even if they do nothing next 3 plays Hot Rod from 41 could have put the 3 points on the board that would have prevented OT from ever happening. Also if Harris offside is called then Bama faces a 4th & 9 from the 12 to tie late in game. Funny how none of these plays were mentioned in his post🤔