Maybe he’s just getting warmed up.

Hey, remember that whole “don’t judge Dan Mullen’s recruiting by MSU, ’cause Starkville” narrative?  Well…

I know it’s a long way to December/February, but don’t you think a few Gator Nation assholes are puckering just a wee bit over that news, especially since Florida sits 29th in those same rankings?

Maybe Mullen’s better than he showed at his old gig, but is he better than FSU or Miami?  Great recruits are more plentiful in the Sunshine State, but so are the great recruiters.


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8 responses to “Maybe he’s just getting warmed up.

  1. Dawg in Austin

    An unusually deep class in state is helping, but hells yeah I hope it’s a sign that Mullen may have trouble recruiting in Florida, even if for one more year.


  2. Of course UGA is 8th and has only 10 commits, Bama 16, A&M 18, LSU 16 and M St 16. We have a 95.16 rating, Bama has a 93.81 all of the others are below a 90 rating. It is still us against Bama for the top spot at the end in the SEC.
    But 5 of the top 8 doesn’t fit the SECW meme that is still being touted. #GoDawgs


    • Hillbilly Dawg

      Hard to not notice that average and know that CKS Inc will still sign another 12-15 and hope he maintains that average or better.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Still very early, but Coach Taggart, Coach Richt, and IPTAY are doing work in Florida.


  4. UGA '97

    Yep, bad start Gators. How about the work being done at Sakerlina as well. Welcome back to the East Dan!


  5. Chopdawg

    Dear God, can we please not start the 2019 recruiting talk before the 2018 season even begins?


  6. Go Dawgs!

    Dan Mullen got a whole lot out of those supposedly lesser players in Starkville.

    If he manages the same at Florida, it might not be as fun to watch.


  7. Cojones

    Don’t look now , but FU just went to 30 in those rankings. Another day, another drop. And if those first ten are any indication, their assholes are puckering more than if they were living in the sugared pisswater of the Everglades.