You gotta try and find an edge whenever you can.

John Ward was another one of those iconic radio voices that helped define SEC football who just passed away, sadly.

I mention that to set up this story, which is classic.

It just meant more.


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  1. JAX

    Munson’s victory was the only one the Dawgs would have in ‘98. The Vols completely dominated the LOS and had stupid Quincy running for his life. We could barely make a first down. Pathetic.

    That win made it 8 in a row for UT over us. They had some arrogant fans in the GA section counting 1 through 8, methodically, with a large emphasis on the 8.

    It’s thrilling to see UT down now, where they deserve to be. Btw, Ward was obnoxious.


  2. Greg

    LOL!..sounds like the two were good friends. John Ward to Tennessee fans was what Munson was to Georgia fans. He also was unique, you felt like you were there when you listened to him. He and Munson were the two best imo, there will never be two more like them …..but there was none ever better than Munson.

    May He Rest In Peace……“GIVE HIM 6”!!


  3. John Ward



  4. Spike

    Good fun stuff there Senator! Made me smile this morning.



    Both icons for their schools….

    Maybe they can call a game together now.


  6. No Axe to Grind

    Munson was one of a kind and the best there ever was, and I go back to Ed Thilenius, if I recall the name correctly after so many years.

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  7. Just off the phone with Munson’s son this AM where i relayed this post to him. He mentioned as he was growing up how early he was at Sanford when he went to games. They’d get there BEFORE the grounds crew began cutting the grass before a game! He said it was brutal- in the same tone his dad would utter the word. Funny!