Fun times in Gainesville

This Brian Edwards preview of Florida is worth reading simply for the nickname he bestows upon Jim McElwain:  ‘The Swamp Donkey’.  No, it’s not a compliment.

Neither is what he has to say about Jeremy Foley.

Foley’s failed hires have decimated the program. This space has been explaining to loyal readers what a moron Foley has always been for decades. We were right the entire time and have never looked more accurate than we do today.

If there’s been anything more enjoyable about this offseason than the way Gator fans have looked at their program, I’m hard-pressed to come up with it.


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21 responses to “Fun times in Gainesville

  1. 81Dog

    I guess Mc Jughead was the true brains of the operation during Foley’s heyday. The Gators are welcome to come get him any time!

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  2. mdcgtp

    I love a good gator take down as anyone, but Mcelwain and Meyer had 7 seasons of head coaching experience between them.


  3. Jack Burton

    How many National Championships did they win in the 3 major sports under Foley?

    Just curious…


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    When Foley hired Corch and announced the policy of no road non-conference games, he was everybody’s All American AD. What comes around goes around.


  5. dawgfan

    The Swamp Donkey had a winning record against us.

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  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Wow, and to think he went 2-1 against CMR anyway like Zook really makes you cringe. To give you an idea how much UGA has improved under CKS while UF had regressed under CJM, a UF player who was on both the ’15 and ’17 team recently was quoted saying that, in ’15 they (UF players) knew they were bigger and stronger than us, and during pregame they thought for sure they would win. However, during pregame last year, they were all basically like, ‘wtf is that team over there…they are way bigger and more jacked than us.’

    He basically implied that UGA immediately got in their heads during pregame, and they knew they were in for a long day. I believe he also said something about UF’s S&C along with ours and wondered what we were doing that they weren’t. I’m sure someone can find that quote somewhere but it was interesting to hear that we totally intimidated them before even kicking off.

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    • Wow, and to think he went 2-1 against CMR…

      I knew Richt was bad, but that’s some sort of sorcery of him to lose a game he didn’t even coach in.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        My bad…I was somehow thinking back to Zook. He was 1-0 against CMR…a 27-3 beat down that felt even worse than that.


    • Got "Judgy" Cowdog

      I remember that, I think it was one of their receivers talking about Lorenzo and Roquan specifically.


  7. 86BONE

    “Screw Florida and the mule they rode in on”….what more needs to be said?


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Jeremy Foley did hire Ron Zook and Will Muschamp. That’s pretty damning.

    He also hired Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan. So… he’s batting somewhere around the .500 mark. And, honestly, I don’t know that the Muschamp hire is as horrible as the end of his tenure there might suggest. I guess we’ll see how things work out in South Carolina. I expect the Gamecocks to be better than the Gators for the next couple of years at least.


  9. Bigshot

    Did Foley’s downfall start when McGarity left???

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  10. siskey

    It would be great if they are in the wilderness for the next decade mirroring UGA from Goff to Richt. I will always assume the worse when we play them until we can win 5 in a row or so.


  11. ApalachDawg

    Isn’t this what florida always was before
    their generational coach (SOS) and generational player (Tebow).


  12. Bob

    When you’ve lost a Homer and ESPN too that’s pretty damning. Wonder if Ashoff isn’t taking a poke at UGA too given we hired Foley’s coffee boy.