Multiple is the new balanced.

Really, if Mike Bobo and Mark Richt had come along about fifteen years later, I swear this is what we’d be hearing about.

“We’re going to be multiple on offense,” is probably the most common response you hear from offensive coaches at new stops when asked if their scheme will be “pro-style” or “spread.” When a coach hears that question he knows that it basically amounts to “will you use more than one TE or FB at a time and run at people or play three or more WRs all the time and fling it around?” In response, many want to say “well, we want to do both.”

To some degree nearly everyone wants to be “multiple” on offense.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.


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  1. Pro-style is multiple. It’s the ability to line up and run the ball when you want to and to spread the field when you need to. No matter what the guys at Football Study Hall say the team that can run the ball consistently typically wins the game. Take the Rose Bowl as the example. When we finally started attacking the line of scrimmage, we did a pretty darn good job of controlling Oklahoma’s vaunted Air Raid. They never figured out how to stop our running game whether we were in spread, power or Wild Dawg formations.


  2. Would the SEC and refs let Richt run the hurry up this time around? No I’m not bitter…

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  3. paul

    Balance exists in the eyes of the beholder. The pirate says balanced means throwing to all areas of the field and lots of different receivers. For a team like Navy, balanced is using the inside handoff just enough to make the defense hesitate, thus opening up either the keep or the pitch. For anal retentive types, balance means fifty percent throwing and fifty percent running. I think multiple means “we will do whatever works.” If you’re the Ol’ Ball Coach, you’ll keep doing whatever works until the other team stops you.


  4. CB

    Why has the word “multiple” replaced the word “varied” for college football purposes? And will it become the new “RPO” of douchebag fan bros trying to prove they know more about football than everyone else despite having just heard the term from Herbie 5 minutes prior?


  5. Matt in Australia

    The best line is when he says something like, “Multiple works as long as the best players are getting the ball.” That’s where I think Kirby et al. get it better than some.