Today, in searing hot takes

In case you haven’t heard yet, Maryland is set to name Damon Evans its next athletic director.  [Insert snarky red panties comment here.]

Chip Towers is positively thrilled for him.

Ummm… who’s this “you” you’re referring to, Chip?  I doubt anybody down our way cares one way or the other.  By the way, couldn’t you have at least modified “setbacks” with the adjective “self-imposed”?  There’s nothing more impressive than watching a guy pull himself up by the same bootstraps he used to hang himself first.

Meanwhile, back in reality, here’s a take that really is hot.

I wonder if Evans authorized the expenditure. LOL.


UPDATE:  I’m gonna run this one up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.


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22 responses to “Today, in searing hot takes

  1. Athens Dog

    Damon had an employee (high level) who’s primary responsibilities were to keep him out of trouble……..and when he got into trouble (read red panties) to get it covered up.

    I’m happy he’s found a job but like you, I think it’s important to recognize that it was all self inflicted


  2. Dawgwalker07

    A reserve fund increase of 56 million dollars in just 6 years? I bet some people were really pissed about those panties.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    From a purely performance perspective DE was light years ahead of McGarity. Happy for him and for the fact that we have very few dealings with Maryland competitively.

    Of course, you know, if DE had been POTUS, he would never have been impeached. 😉


  4. Brandon

    I am happy for him. Sure he f#@ked up, no doubt about it, but he didn’t let it beat him. He got off the mat and tried again. Good for him.


  5. steve

    It would have been a better story if little Butch Jones was curled up between his legs mumbling about ‘five star fart’….misquoted by the GSP as ‘five star heart’

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  6. steve

    Oh….and wasn’t his ‘fixer’ the 28 yo coked-out ex cheerleader, human pogo-stick he was caught with? God bless Mrs. Evans. God bless Maryland. If I had been caught red-handed the next thing that Damon’s Mercedes touched would have been by back….with my wife behind the wheel. Holding her loaded .38 in case the tires slipped. No need for an emergency committee meeting, just the coroner’s phone number. That’s why the abbreviation DOA was invented. Some things just aren’t worth it.


  7. He took an absolute beating and has worked himself back… Good for him… I thought Evans did some really nice work in the position. Wishing him nothing but the best as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of the Dawgs.


  8. Tommy

    I met Damon once after he was fired. I mentioned that I was a UGA grad and that I appreciated the job he’d done for us. He could not have been warmer and his love for UGA was unmistakable, a remarkable thing given that it was the scene of such a crushing personal blunder and professional humiliation. We were at an athletic directors meeting, I was a vendor and he was with IMG at the time. He could’ve easily blown me off, but we chatted for a good 15-20 minutes.

    So, yes, the preceding probably influences my opinion for him somewhat. But I am happy for him. Yeah, he screwed up in his personal life in one of the more painful ways I can imagine, as well as one of the more common. He was nevertheless excellent at his job — he didn’t embezzle from UGA, and our teams and, yes, balance sheet thrived.

    It would have been very easy for someone like him to retreat to the sidelines, go work with a consulting or search firm, or continue with IMG. Instead, he got back in the ring. Good for him. Happy for a DGD.


  9. ApalachDawg

    While at UGA he gained additional revenue for the UGA reserve fund from his sponsorship by Of Hanes underwear


  10. 92 grad

    I am happy for the guy but why in the world does he get credit for the millions in the reserve fund? Isn’t it obvious that most of that money came from the sec network? He was just lucky to have been there when the tv deal was struck. I agree that he did a great job but he didn’t make it rain money.


    • The SEC Network didn’t exist at that time. At the time of Evans’s AD-ship, UGA was one of the most profitable college sports programs out there (I think only behind Texas).


  11. Everybody deserves some redemption and second chances. Ask Saban, the ultimalte dispenser of these stuff. LOL.


  12. PTC DAWG

    Good for Damon…..


  13. Cousin Eddie

    I bet reading the press release about his work at UGA made all the panties drop on the Maryland Athletic Board.


  14. Bright Idea

    Will Arthur Johnson join him to count heads on the team plane like he did at UGA, helping to accumulate that big reserve. DE not a DGD but a Dawg nonetheless. Good luck to him.


  15. And the football schedule at Maryland might improve.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, he’s still the prick that fired Freddy Jones soon after getting the AD job. He’s damn lucky to get both a first and second chance at such a high level.


  17. Argondawg

    Did you really just use “running up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes” in reference to Damon Evans? I see what you did there.


  18. Mayor

    I have no love—or hate—for Damon Evans. In fact I wish him well in his future endeavors. That said, he was given a job at a P5 school for which he was not qualified and he got fired from that job. How does that qualify him for getting the same job at another P5 school? Only in America and only in the NCAA. Sheesh!


  19. Doug

    “Paid a search firm 120k and wasted more than 6 months to just promote the interim guy”? Greg McGarity says that’s just air-tight strategic thinking, friend.