Money well spent.

Honestly, as a general principle, I can see the need for an AD to hire a search firm under certain circumstances.  Greg McGarity, then, makes a valid point in defense of retaining one when Georgia went out to find a replacement for Mark Fox.

Turner “was outstanding,” McGarity said. “When he and I engaged on (March 10), he knew who would be in play and who wasn’t in play. I think that’s important. … Todd will say so-and-so’s not interested. They’re not movable. So and so might be.”

I recognize that plausible deniability from both sides is how the hiring game is played these days, so having a middleman as a cutout can be useful in that regard.  Sixty grand to gauge the interest of two guys who weren’t even employed at the time of McGarity’s search, though?  (And, for that matter, somebody didn’t read Thad Matta right.)  Not seeing a lot of value in that.  But Greg seems happy, which I guess is what’s important when you’re not socking the money away in the reserve fund.


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  1. I’ll give it to the AD. He seems to have gotten this one right even though the first choice probably wasn’t the right choice.

    Crean is creating a buzz around the program that hasn’t been here since Tubby left for Lexington. I’m planning to buy some tickets this winter to see them play some ball.


  2. Spur 21

    Not a huge fan of this AD but I think that was a wise move on his part. Think Vols and their search for a coach. Getting the best coach willing to say yes is the idea – avoiding the embarrassment of multiple turn-downs is even more important.


  3. DawgPhan

    $60k on a search firm isnt crazy. That is like buying 200 hours of consulting. That’s just a couple of people for a couple of weeks. No one with the contacts is picking up a phone on your behalf less than $300/hour

    Lots of companies spend $60,000 to help them make informed decisions when it is millions of dollars.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    engaged… in play…movable…
    Ugh. The corporate bullspeak is strong with this one.


  5. Lrgk9

    I’m willing to pay $ to help McGarity do his job.
    Gotta be an improvement.


  6. HVL Dawg

    Imagine for a second our buddy Greg McGarity on the phone negotiating with Jimmy Sexton. How much would that cost us?

    $60,000 is cheap.


  7. Ditto on the above points. Also, there’s probably a constant need to have a line to somebody whose only job is to understand the machinations of the coaching market. But it would probably have a negative effect to have that guy in-house. (“And this is Bob. His job is to constantly search for your replacement. Hey Bob, wanna grab lunch.”)


  8. The other Doug

    Crean to UGA reminds me a lot of Richt to Miami. Richt is a solid HC who knows how to recruit and run a program, but the downside is you know where his ceiling is. Crean’s ceiling is probably making the tournament most years, but not the final 4. If it cost $60k to get McGarrity to realize that’s the right guy for UGA BB I’m cool with that.


  9. Anonymous

    Here is a bit for those of you that think I am a shill for McGarity. Greg McGarity has absolutely zero business picking which coaches to interview for any sport. It is one thing when Vince Dooley, Barry Alvarez, or John Cohen (Mississippi State’s AD / former Baseball Coach that just hired Joe Moorhead) do it. They are former coaches that know what it take to build championship teams. McGarity is a money manager / delegator. Every time there is a head coach opening at any sport we should be hiring a search firm that has a history of placing successful candidates in that sport. Even then, McGarity shouldn’t be the only one interviewing the candidates. There should be a group of 4-5 people that interview the candidates and come to a consensus on ranking the candidates.

    I’m not sure it is fair to say that McGarity definitely misread the situation with Thad Matta. He was interested enough that he flew back in again the next day with is wife. I find it completely plausible that Matta had intended to accept the job the next morning but woke up feeling like shit after two days of travel / touring and realized he just wasn’t yet up to the tasks of coaching again.

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    • Dawgoholic

      Not one to defend McGarity, but who says Crean and Matta were our only two targets. Maybe we targeted some others who had no interest and it never became public.


      • Matta was on campus two days after Fox was let go. The only other person reported to have been contacted for the job was Crean.

        And in this day and age, it’s rare for anyone contacted to stay quiet, if for no other reason than for purposes of job leverage.