Today’s Steele entry

I was going to draft up something lengthy last night for you, but family business came first.  In its place, though, I will share one of those factoids that Steele loves to throw in regularly.

If there’s one hole in Kirby’s game after two seasons, it’s how his team has performed in its two cross-divisional road games.  The Dawgs have been blown out in both, by Ole Miss and Auburn.  Maybe there’s something in the water once you cross the Chattahoochee.

Just something else to tuck in the back of your head when the team goes out to Baton Rouge…


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10 responses to “Today’s Steele entry

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    We definitely had the bad luck of playing both those teams at their peak. What’s the chances of that happening 3 years in a row with LSU?


  2. Charlottedawg

    Let’s hope a blowout loss to a western division team isn’t to Kirby what a loss to an eastern division team was to mark richt, aka a guaranteed annual event.


    • Russ

      I hope you’re right, but between the two, losing to a SECW team mid-season is recoverable. Losing to a SECE team sometimes isn’t.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hopefully too small a sample size to be predictive.


  4. Got "Judgy" Cowdog

    Well, shit. Whose gonna rock me to sleep tonight?


  5. TXBaller

    Damnit, your killing my beach reading the next two weeks….


  6. UGA '97

    They are below sea level so that erases the hootchie coos.