When a feature turns into a bug

With the news that Tennessee led the country in missed starts for two seasons, comes this moment of Booch:

Early in his coaching career, Jones conducted a five-year study of injuries to offensive linemen and found high ankle sprains to be the most common injury. But during his five years as Tennessee’s head coach, Jones could never pinpoint a cause or even a single recurring ailment to blame for all the games key players missed because of injury.

He even studied the grass at Tennessee in 2016 to try to determine what was causing the rash of injuries.  [Emphasis added.]

Ya’ think?  Gee, Butch, it wasn’t a problem when it was Georgia’s players who were getting hurt.


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4 responses to “When a feature turns into a bug

  1. Bright Idea

    Nagi’s book blames a revolving door of S&C coaches.


  2. MDDawg

    I have so much hate for the field at Kneeland Stadium.


  3. Brandon

    The denizens of Volnation now blame the injuries all on Butch, he intentionally recruited small, weak players who were easily injured and did not think strength and conditioning was important. Obviously now that these problems are corrected they will be 12-0 if they can win their toss up games with Bama, UGA, and Auburn.