When Sam Pittman talks…

Bruce Feldman has an interesting story up at The Athletic ($$) about how some kids in a group of 25 European football prospects on a two-week tour of U.S. colleges have landed scholarship offers as a result.  One of them is the first European player to land an offer at quarterback from a P5 school, but what really caught my attention was the story about Kariem Al Soufi, a 6-4, 340-pound guard.

It seems the player caravan landed in Athens early on — you knew Kirby wouldn’t pass on an opportunity like that, right? — and Al Soufi worked out for Pittman.  Here’s how that went.

He didn’t get an offer on the spot from the Dawgs, but, according to Feldman, “after some footage of that session was posted on Twitter, the Gators offered the massive lineman before he and the tour group even made it to Gainesville.”  [Emphasis added.]  Now, that’s influence.

By the way, Al Soufi didn’t commit to the Gators.  He’s Virginia-bound.


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11 responses to “When Sam Pittman talks…

  1. mwo

    That is one large individual!


  2. Brandon

    Ole Richard Tardits was pretty good.


  3. Kevin

    Scared me with that gator tid bit. Nice ending though.


  4. DawgPhan

    I know it’s important and I am sure that video was very impressive, but god is it boring.


  5. Edawg

    DP= Spirit leader or Band member?


  6. David K

    Kid looks impressive but if he were truly the best guard Pittman had seen in the 2019 class, he would’ve gotten an offer. Just sayin’. Good luck at Virginia!


  7. MDDawg

    I haven’t watched the video. Why didn’t we offer this kid?


    • Trbodawg

      Just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure we’re after Tackles this recruiting cycle. So we’d be very selective in offering any ‘pure’ guard prospects.