Steele’s 2018 SEC coach rankings

Here you go, in order of descent:

  • Saban
  • Malzahn and Smart (tied)
  • Boom
  • Fisher
  • Mullen, Orgeron and Stoops (tied)
  • Mason and Odom (tied)
  • Luke
  • Morris
  • Moorhead and Pruitt (tied)

Steele’s playoff picks may be conventional, but the order of this list sure isn’t.  Muschamp has a losing record against Jimbo (not to mention that unlike Fisher, Boom’s been fired before).  Orgeron tied with Mullen is an unusual take, to say the least.  His ranking of Moorhead is more negative than most.

There seems to be an emphasis on experience at the bottom of the rankings and not so much of one towards the top.

Your thoughts?


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16 responses to “Steele’s 2018 SEC coach rankings

  1. Brandon

    Our urnge friends will have a cow over this.

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  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Not exactly a Jimbo fan, but I’d love to hear the rationale as to why he’s ranked below Boom. After all, he’s won a natty and did quite well at FSU overall. Boom, meanwhile, was fired at UF and has yet to to much of anything at SCU. Also, I doubt you could find anyone who would dare tell you with a straight face that coach O would have done the same stellar job at MSU that Mullen did.

    Finally, coaching rankings are at least somewhat subjective. With that said, please stop with these rediculous ties and have the guts to choose one over another. If you think Gus should be ranked above Smart because he’s more established and almost won a title, fine. And if you think Smart should be ranked higher due to his more recent success, that’s fine as well. But to have 9 ties to me just screams placating to the masses.

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  3. Boom > Jimbo. Has Steele lost his marbles?

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  4. Biggus Rickus

    You can make a solid argument that Fisher should be second, so having him at fifth is bonkers. Mullen, Orgeron and Stoops tied makes no sense either. Not that any of this matters. I’m pretty sure Malzahn, Orgeron, Stoops, Mason and Odom are going to be fired within three years anyway. Then their replacements can take over the bottom of the list.


  5. 81Dog

    I’d like to hear why Gus is tied for 2d. His BCS appearance required two of the luckiest plays ever in two games at the end of the season, last year they collapsed in the SECC and the Peach Bowl, and they’ve been mediocre the rest of the time.

    Also, I like driving in my truck….

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  6. ASEF

    Straight recency bias


  7. TXBaller

    Lance@Gainesville is having a heart attack….he thinks Mullen is the second coming (all you secret Finebaum fans know what I mean).


  8. Rchris

    If we play Bama in the SECCG, then Kirby will face 6 of the top 7 (not including him).


  9. Atticus

    Mullen should be 3rd. Jimbo 4th only because he hasn’t been a HC in the SEC yet.


  10. DawgPhan

    Mullen has to be a step above Coach O and Stoops, right?

    And Morris and Moorehead seem a little more accomplished than Pruitt.

    Mullen/Malzahn/Smart all tied

    Da Coach O

    Luke, Odom, Mason, and Stoops dont seem like the future of those programs.

    Though looking at the coaching it could finally be swinging up for the SEC.

    Those top 5 coaches should all have their programs competing for titles. And then that middle group could be consistently good with some upside @ MSU and UT.


  11. Hunkering Hank

    Jimmys and Joes not X’s and O’s.


  12. Whiskeydawg

    Mullen & Orgeron I kind of understand where that may have come from yet I don’t agree; but Fisher and Boom is a head scratcher. In fact, if I were Jimbo, I might be insulted.


  13. ChiliDawg

    Boom 3 spots too high. We’re just pretending his stint at Florida didn’t happen, I guess.