Well, this is refreshing.

To his credit, Paul Myerberg compiles a list of college football’s top ten quarterbacks that (1) includes Jake Fromm and (2) excludes Tua Tagovailoa.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure you were allowed to do that.


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10 responses to “Well, this is refreshing.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Roll Bama Roll sniffs and says it pays no attention to USA Today.


  2. Atticus

    Ask David Pollack how good Tua is…..


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    For a kid who went all the way to the championship game in his freshman year, Fromm doesn’t get the attention, respect, or credit from the media that he surely deserves. His name is usually down the list when discussing the leaders of the ’17 team. When discussing sec QBs, it seems like he’s lumped in with Bentley, Lock, Fitzgerald, etc., as just another returning starter. But I’m expecting a huge season from Fromm in ’18.


  4. Kdawg

    I just looked at the three year tenure of SOD at Floppy Top and the 2012 game against us they lost 51-44. It was a complete shootout. I hope that doesn’t happen this year with Locke. Kirby and CO. need to be careful after two trips to Columbia’s, SC and Mizz.


    • do not resuscitate

      Di you happen to see who his offensive coordinator was?


      • Anonymous

        … and who the OL Coach was. There was a reason I kept telling people to be patient and that Chaney and Pittman were good coaches after the 2016 season, but people treated me like I had a third arm growing out of my head.


  5. Mayor

    Well Bentley and Tua made to top 15.