It’s the only way to be sure.

Some of you saw the egregious bullshit former Baylor AD Ian McCaw tried to sell about the sexual assault scandal that rocked the football program and the school:

Liberty University Athletics Director Ian McCaw in a deposition said Baylor University undertook “an elaborate plan that essentially scapegoated black football players and the football program for being responsible for what was a decades-long, universitywide sexual assault scandal,” according to a motion filed Wednesday in Waco’s U.S. District Court.

McCaw said he was “disgusted” by Baylor regents’ racism and by a “phony” 13-page document held up by the board as a summary of a nine-month investigation into how Baylor responded to reports of sexual assault. He was questioned June 19 by lawyers representing 10 women who allege Baylor denied them educational opportunities protected by Title IX after they were assaulted. The motion includes excerpts from McCaw’s sworn testimony.

McCaw spent 13 years as Baylor’s athletics director and accepted the same role at Liberty in November 2016. At the height of the scandal in May 2016, Baylor regents sanctioned McCaw and placed him on probation, and McCaw resigned days later.

McCaw said he resigned because he “did not want to be part of some Enron cover-up scheme,” according to Wednesday’s motion.

No part of any cover up.  Uh hunh.  Right.

Make no mistake about it.  His defense, such as it is, is completely vile:  pay no attention to the student-athletes who were arrested and convicted of sexual assault nor to the football program that did its damnedest to protect them, because they were scapegoats in the face of a larger scandal.

Cry me a river, Ian.

Of course, this has given the usual suspect the opening you’d suspect he’d run through.

Ugh.  These people.

I have only one thing to say in response.


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