“People say, if you look good, you play good.”

I truly cannot wait to hear Paul Johnson blame Adidas the next time Georgia Tech suffers through a disappointing season.


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  1. Tech appears to be in for a LONG season…
    South Florida
    Virginia Tech

    Could all be losses


    • KornDawg

      Please stop. I can’t get to a shower right now.


    • PTC DAWG

      I say they win 4 of those, Pitt, Duke, UNC and VA…..Fish Fry always finds a way to have decent year when he needs it most.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I want just enough losses (to GA included) that it keeps Paul around and Tech down.


    • UnderDog68

      Nah….They’ll beat Pitt.

      And they gave him another extension. Good God. Time for their fans to realize that the GTAA does not care about football. Wonder how long it will take a new coach for GT to un-fuck that situation?


  2. “People say, if you look good, you play good,”

    Think it’s the other way around. If you play good (well), you look good. Tech hasn’t looked good for years,


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I don’t think an apparel contract would ever be the final determination for an athlete’s school choice. With that said, I’m happy Tech couldn’t get a deal with Nike, because Nike is the brand that kids want. Adidas is a fine second option just like Under Armor. But Adidas’ college unis are trash. Tennessee jumped at the chance to become a Nike school. Any school would. Tech just isn’t worth enough for Nike to throw a lot of money at them.


    • David K

      In 10 years, Under Armor will be the flagship brand of Wal-Mart. Adidas is infinitely better than Under Armor. Once Jordan Speith and Steph Curry split because UA can’t afford to keep them they’ll officially move down to Champion/Russell status.


      • The UA golf shoe is really comfortable. I’ve been a Nike or FootJoy guy for years. The UA shoe I wear now blows them away for style and comfort. Too bad my swing hasn’t cooperated.


    • Starbreaker

      I’m sorry, but Adidas is a monster brand that blows UA out of the water…not even remotely comparable. In the streetwear world, they are on even playing field with Nike (just go to Hypebeast and you’ll see the battle of collabs and limited releases on a daily basis between the two). There is no kid on earth who’s camping out waiting for an Under Armour drop, haha. Now, of course, I get that the three stripes is not really a football niche brand, but to imply that kids don’t want adidas is not an accurate statement, when you consider all the extra stuff they would get access to.


  4. junkyardawg41

    No snark about how Adidas was neck deep in the NCAA Basketball schemes? I get them going to big time programs and channeling players to those elite schools for future dollars. Maybe Adidas wanted to repair their image by saying, see, we have sponsorship agreements with schools that don’t funnel elites to the pros…


  5. 81Dog

    A major flaw in that theory is thinking GTU will look good. Nobody looks good in urine colored gear.

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  6. The genius even added a nice condescending complement to kids who may decide to come to their technical school based on apparels appeal.


  7. Dawglicious

    GiT ‘er done!


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Comes with its own built-in sports bra.



    Serious question? Do you ever get tired of this? Writing this blog….