“Take a look at my actions.”

Holy crap.

Anderson’s departure set up a familiar scenario for Evans, who was once again positioned to succeed a mentor who did not appear ready to go. Much the same thing played out at Georgia, in 2004, when Evans succeeded Vincent J. Dooley, a legendary Bulldogs head football coach whose contract as athletics director was not extended as he had hoped.

Asked if he feared being seen as opportunistic, Evans said, “I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been presented. Kevin Anderson brought me here, gave me an opportunity, a second chance. And I want this to be stated: He gave me a chance when no one else or very few people might have given me that opportunity, and I’ll never forget that.”

Maybe we should start referring to him as Damon “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” Evans.


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18 responses to ““Take a look at my actions.”

  1. DugLite

    Sheesh….and they still made him AD. I think they will live to regret that decision.


    • 81Dog

      He’s either the unluckiest victim of a smear campaign ever, or he’s a guy who’s too clever by half in his calculation that the solution to his problems at UGA is simply avoid getting caught this time. Has Vegas got an over/under on his firing date?


  2. truck

    Asking Michael Adams for input is rich, although his statement sounded a little ambiguous. “Not a whiff of impropriety” could be heard as “This dude is slick.”

    As an added note, I sure hope Damon’s wife is getting plenty on the side, for what it’s worth.


  3. Pcpup

    “His Black Maserati.” Business is obviously good.


  4. Athens Dog

    If the employee in question was a younger, white, blonde……………….


  5. Jim

    Somehow I don’t think this rehabilitation is going to end well for Evans or Maryland


  6. 81Dog

    Is a staffer checking his pockets for ladies underwear on a daily basis? I’m sure a place like DC doesn’t have any bars like Johnny’s Hideaway.


  7. Mayor

    What is Maryland going to do when the woman in question gets pissed off and comes out of the closet? It seems that Evans and the university are both in a very tenuous position.


  8. Stoopnagle

    Maryland is a complete cluster-pluck.


  9. Thorn Dawg

    So, you’re telling me Dr. Loh, that the search committee could not find one person better than Damon Evans? Someone, with how you say, uh, character? Maybe someone who lives with his wife and family? Maybe someone who isn’t doinking the subordinates?

    Sheesh, what’s it take to form a search committee? I’m obviously in the wrong business.


  10. At least he won’t get caught with red panties this time. #underarmoursportsbra


  11. Do you think he will try to put together a home and home between Maryland and Georgia? As I recall, he was the author of the OK St and Oregon series. Still sad that McGarity canceled the Oregon games.


  12. South FL Dawg

    Isn’t it funny how somebody can be a self-serving prick and then get rewarded for doing what he should have been doing all along.

    Meanwhile somebody else who was doing the right thing all along, instead of getting rewarded, goes unnoticed.


  13. steve

    If true……
    One of the South’s greatest cultural entertainment icons (and one who used to stand on the sidelines with the Vanderbilt FB team during games), is the Cannonball dunker Jerry Reed. To paraphrase and revise his country rock song about gender inequality: ‘He got the goldmine and integrity got the shaft’.
    Oh, and when this topic was discussed a couple of days ago right here, if I recall, about 50% of posters were official Damon apologists.
    Self righteousness is like a cut-off tank top sold as a rain coat in a thunder storm.


  14. Code Kel

    Ye who has never sinned, cast the first stone


  15. Debby Balcer

    What was the rest of the story? I am not a subscriber so could not read anything but the first paragraph. Damon and Petrino sound like they have a lot in common.