They paid the law and the law won.

Nothing but sunshine and blue skies ahead for the NCAA

On top of all of this, given the NCAA’s ongoing, and potentially future, legal entanglements, McNeely said the association’s long-term financial plan now includes budgeting for outside legal fees to increase by 10 percent a year. According to the association’s newly released tax records, that cost was just over $36 million for a fiscal year that ended Aug. 31, 2017.

If you’re a litigator, you’ve got to love a client willing to build in a cost of doing business like that.


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6 responses to “They paid the law and the law won.

  1. 81Dog

    Lawyers got to eat, too. Porsches don’t just pay for themselves, do they? 😉


  2. Cousin Eddie

    Would a reasonable person stop and rethink the way they are doing business if they knew that every year they were going to be sued by 10% more of the people they do business with?