“Buzz always wears black Converse high tops and white gloves.”

Not any more.

Georgia Tech’s move to Adidas as its apparel provider has come with widespread anticipation and approval. There is at least one small cost to the changeover from Russell Athletic, which becomes official Sunday.

Buzz will no longer wear his trademark Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. Come football season, Buzz’s feet will be adorned in custom Adidas sneakers, part of the company’s efforts to make its three-stripe brand as visible as possible.

For Tech fans bound to tradition, it may be a defeat at the hands of commerce.

I suppose clown shoes are out of the question… unless Adidas has a better sense of humor than I suspect.


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6 responses to ““Buzz always wears black Converse high tops and white gloves.”

  1. Argondawg

    Man things must be slow at GT for this to get that much play? This really is the silly season.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    The only time I notice Buzz is when he has his face buried in his hands.

    Adidas should look into getting him some branded gloves.


  3. Spur 21

    Clown Shoes – is that you Schultz?