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When G-Day QBR deserts you

Honestly, what is the point of posting something like this?

How, in any way, would creating some form of rotation with Justin Fields‍ effect Fromm? Why change the quarterback in an offense that was as efficient as UGA was last fall? Would Fields’ all-around abilities help the Dawgs enough to remove Fromm from snaps?

That’s the question: If Georgia is scoring 35.4 points per game why change? The simple answer is to average 36.4 points per game.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

I’m not trying to be snarky here — at least I think I’m not trying to be snarky here — but between that last sentence and the conclusion (“If we’ve learned anything from Kirby Smart’s first two years in Athens it is that anyone can lose their starting spot, and that noting is guaranteed.”), it seems like nothing but filtering “anything can happen” through a Zen strainer.

This grasshopper isn’t getting it.  What am I missing here?



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What has changed.

From Seth Emerson’s article at The Athletic ($$) about Sam Pittman come two very valid points about the way the football program has changed under Kirby Smart.

First, there’s Pittman’s contract.  He signed a three-year contract when he arrived, with a salary of $650,000 a year, just revised to $825,000.  Seth calls that “unprecedented for a Bulldogs position coach”.  He’s right.  For context, refer back to this piece about Mike Bobo’s last contract agreement.

Bobo will have an extra year added to his existing contract, a three-year deal that he signed last year. So he will now be signed through December 2016, or any bowl game in January of that season.

Other terms of the contract, including his $575,000 salary, remain unchanged for now, athletics director Greg McGarity confirmed.

If you want to keep valuable assistant coaches, you don’t screw around.  You go where the market takes you, a lesson that hasn’t been lost on Kirby Smart.

If that’s a lesson on the administrative side, here’s a fantastic quote from Pace Academy’s offensive line coach Kevin Johnson that illustrates what somebody’s learned on the coaching side:

“There’s two things that you need when you’re building a program: a good O-line coach and a good strength coach. Everything else? You’ll be OK. You can hide everything else. But O-line coach, you can’t hide that.”

No kidding.  And what a difference from Richt’s approach.

This is the kind of stuff I mean when I refer to Kirby having a clue.


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