Boot boot

Bruce Feldman’s piece in The Athletic about sign stealers in college football ($$) is a great read.  I’m still chuckling over the first story he gets from a practitioner of the art who stole a conference rival’s sign for a boot play:  It was someone on the sideline gesturing as if they were putting boots on.

And to think there are people getting paid large sums of money to call plays like that.


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  1. Anonymous

    They get paid large sums to call plays like that, but don’t forget that most of the players that have to receive that information, process it, and execute the play are not exactly Men of Letters. They have a limited amount of time to get the kids to remember as much as possible. I imagine most systems are very simplistic these days especially considering the prevalence of the HUNH. When Cam Newton was at Auburn, their offense plays had names like “35”.

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  2. Mary Kate Danaher

    The Athletic is really good. Well worth the investment.


  3. Ole Dokes

    The Athletic is well worth the money for tidbits like this: “One of the coaches The Athletic spoke to said his team resorted to holding up towels to try to mask things from its opponent but realized its own players couldn’t see the signals”…whelp, that explains some things from the CTG era…