When your SEC shtick is a hammer…

Danny Kanell goes from disparaging Alabama’s national title…

to calling Georgia’s 2017 season a “fluke”.

By the way — Auburn, “the best team in the SEC”?  That explains why they faced off against UCF, hunh.

Son, you’re trying too hard to be noticed.


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22 responses to “When your SEC shtick is a hammer…

  1. If you have ever listened to the guy, he’s a lightweight. He came on as a ‘guest’ to an ESPNU show, where the host was from the SEC Network and the guy just roasted him. He was arguing for an 8 team tournament for the National Title. When asked if more than one SEC team could be in that he said ‘yes’, but then said, as long as they are in the same bracket. In other words, I don’t care if they do have the best two teams in the country, they shouldn’t have the right to play for the National Championship. What little credibility the chump made for an 8 team playoff went out the window with that comment.

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  2. WarD Eagle

    Of course AU is the best team in the SEC.

    (Other than an LSU and 1/2 a UGA)

    Happy summer fellas!!


    • Go Dawgs!

      If you guys had been allowed to play Central Florida at home in Jordan-Hare, there’s no doubt in my mind that you would have beaten them.

      You just couldn’t play on a neutral field.

      Or the road.


  3. UnderDog68

    Kannel is a hack. Kinda funny, considering that his school (F$U) had to pay an opponent to play a canceled game just so they could become bowl-eligible.

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  4. Go Dawgs!

    Danny Kannel is so bland. His schtick is the laziest imitation of a 1995 Rivals message board that it’s actually remarkable that he managed to get to ESPN in the first place. What’s surprising about ESPN jettisoning him as a cost-saving measure is that they were paying him enough money for him to show up in their bottom line in the first place.

    The people at StingTalk are more credible on college football. At least they actually believe what they’re saying, they don’t just try to say crazy things to get clicks.


  5. Whiskeydawg

    Danny who?

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  6. Question for the Senator: So you gotta be stranded on an desert island for a year with either Kanell or Stephen A. Smith. Who would you choose?


  7. Kanell doesn’t realize under an 8-team format UCF still wouldn’t have been in and 3 SEC teams would have. Kanell, you big dummy.


  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Who the hell is Danny Kannell?


  9. Spike

    Well, he’s succeeded in getting Spike mad at him. What a douche..


  10. HiAltDawg

    That Donkey came on my lame-arse Twitter feed to defend Preacher Coach in December ’15. How much of a loser are you to argue with my loser self? On Twitter no less, lol


  11. UGA '97

    Danny does UCF’s 2 reg. season games that were cancelled (Maine & GATech) count as an “earned” undefeated season & “running the table” as well?

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  12. 81Dog

    I guess Kannell doesn’t understand how “the best team in the SEC” is determined ; the SEC championship game winner is commonly agreed to be the best. Maybe Danny got confused, although apparently lots of folks who are unhappy with the result of a contest think they can retroactively change the rules so their favorite wins. I’ve heard some AU fans say they’re really better than UGA because they scored more total points in our 2 meetings. Like nobody knew the second game was literally called “the SEC championship game.” sheesh.

    Read a book, Danny.