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Bless your heart, AL.com

Trollin’, trollin’, trollin‘…

But what really caught my eye was that among the 13 quarterbacks ranked, Tagovailoa and Stidham came in 12th and 11th, respectively. Washington’s Jake Browning was No. 92 overall, with Tagovailoa No. 84 and Stidham No. 83.

The other quarterbacks on the list were Michigan’s Shea Patterson (80), Ole Miss’ Jordan Ta’amu (76), Georgia’s Jake Fromm (65), Oregon’s Justin Herbert (61), Mississippi State’s Nick Fitzgerald (41), Missouri’s Drew Lock (33), West Virginia’s Will Grier (22), Penn State’s Trace McSorley (15), Central Florida’s McKenzie Milton (13) and Arizona’s Khalil Tate (4). Tagovailoa and Stidham don’t even rank in the Top 4 in the SEC according to SI (and if you count former SEC quarterbacks Patterson and Grier, they’re not in the Top 6).

That seems extremely conservative to me. I might take a fully healthy Fitzgerald over Tagovailoa and Stidham, and might go with Lock, who is a gifted passer.

But no way would I choose Fromm or Ta’amu over either the Alabama or Auburn quarterback…

So what do you think? Am I overrating our in-state quarterbacks, or is SI underrating them?


I love how Hurts no longer even rates a mention.  How quickly they forget.

By the way, I don’t understand why some people are prone to dismiss Jordan Ta’amu.  He played in eight games last season and finished with a passer rating of 164.50, a number that beat every SEC quarterback not named Drew Lock.  (For comparison, Shea Patterson compiled a 151.49 passer rating before his injury.)  Kid can ball.



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54-48, beyotch.

Lincoln Riley, your first mistake was going on Danny Kanell’s radio show.  (h/t)

Your second mistake is thinking this matters.  Enjoy those sour grapes, man.




UPDATE #2:  tfw you’re getting blowback.


UPDATE #3:  This gets buttah and buttah.

The reason this is a hot mess is because (1) Riley spoke imprecisely and (2) Kanell is an SEC troll.


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Paralysis by analysis

I genuinely don’t know how much snark to push at Pete Fiutak’s top 30 quarterbacks list.  On the one hand, he’s got Jalen Hurts at #12 and Tua Tagovailoa, for whom I really should come up with a catchy anagram, at #7.

On the other hand, he’s got three SEC quarterbacks, including Fromm at #4, ranked ahead of Tua.

I feel so conflicted.


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“It’s going to be dynamic.”

Greg McGarity is excited about new bathrooms… at least as much as he can be.

“To see it now, coming into play, there are a lot of workers on site, just like any other project that closes. It’ll certainly be dynamic and a tremendous addition for our fans and our prospective student-athletes as well as our current kids. They’ll really enjoy these new spaces.”

Seeing as that’s where the bulk of the $63 million is going, I’m sure the recruits and players will.

Meanwhile, official word came down yesterday from UGAAA that the brand new Bulldogs Tailgate Club is already offering a 20% discount on its season ticket packages and that a limited number of individual game packages will be available soon.  The laws of supply and demand are a bitch sometimes.  Apparently Michael Adams’ war on tailgating has left its mark, which is ironic now that the school has finally gotten around to monetizing it.

While I give Butts-Mehre credit for not ignoring fan needs completely, there’s still a way to go on the planning and implementing stage, no matter how many times McGarity utters the word dynamic.  Let’s hope they make a good faith effort to improve there.


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Alex, I’ll take scheduling quirks for $200.

For some unexplained reason, Liberty and New Mexico State play each other twice in the regular season.  At least they go home-and-home.

Anybody know who pushed for that?


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When you pay more attention to sharks than quarterbacks…

As you read this ESPN piece about who will turn out to be 2018’s top quarterback, just remember that once upon a time, Jim McElwain made the decision that Will Grier didn’t fit into Florida’s future plans.

That seems to have worked out well for Grier, anyway.


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They don’t want ‘Bama.

Three of Alabama’s four home conference opponents, Mississippi State, Missouri and TAMU, have returned part of their visitors’ allotments.  Apparently this is something of a developing trend, as last season, unused tickets were resold for games with Ole Miss and Arkansas.

So much for it just means more, I guess.


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It was the best of times; it wasn’t the worst of times.

I’ve saved this one for a rainy day the dog (dawg?) days of summer.   A little reminder that last season really did happen:


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