54-48, beyotch.

Lincoln Riley, your first mistake was going on Danny Kanell’s radio show.  (h/t)

Your second mistake is thinking this matters.  Enjoy those sour grapes, man.




UPDATE #2:  tfw you’re getting blowback.


UPDATE #3:  This gets buttah and buttah.

The reason this is a hot mess is because (1) Riley spoke imprecisely and (2) Kanell is an SEC troll.



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32 responses to “54-48, beyotch.

  1. He sounds like Big Game Bob already.


  2. Otto

    If we give him that, where would UGA’s rushing offense rank?

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well, if you ask me, if Georgia with Kirby was in the Big 12, one team would be playing defense because they would figure out a way to do so instead of just assuming it wouldn’t happen.


  4. Argondawg

    I love bulletin board material in the off season.


  5. 81Dog

    There’s also no way we lose a conference game for several years, unless our RBs just get tired from scoring on 60 plus yard runs.

    Let’s see how OU fares after a season in the SEC before they get too cocky. Several weeks of getting beaten up by SEC defenses might humble Linc a tad

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  6. ASEF

    I am sure it is hard to play D in the B12.

    Just not as hard as it is against Georgia


  7. Spike

    This aggression will not stand!!


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    I bet Kanell wet his pants when Riley joined his one note SEC trashing meme.


  9. Bright Idea

    “IF” can’t boldface in text. Also Lincoln, if you keep calling wide runs and jet sweeps when off tackle and straight ahead is working Big 12 defenses will improve.


  10. Cpark58

    I’ll say it again, you name me another team in the country that can come back and win in OT in the rose bowl vs the #1 offensive in the country and then fly across country and square up with the #1 defensive team and force them out of their comfort zone 7 days later.


  11. Jim

    Sorry – what did you say? I got distracted – I think Sony Michel just scored again

    Can’t wait to see Riley without that jerk of a heisman winner making him look good


  12. Got Cowdog

    Fuck him.


  13. A10Woody

    Lincoln is right, but who cares….we don’t need fake juice.


  14. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    If UGA was in the Big 12 it would still only have 11 members.


  15. Dawg19

    Let’s not forget, once Kirby made adjustments at halftime, Oklahoma scored one offensive touchdown the rest of the way.


  16. Rebar

    And yet you couldn’t beat that defense with the #1 offense in the nation.


  17. Whiskeydawg

    I would send Danny some Lincoln logs to play with but he appears to have found one on his own.


  18. Jason

    I think this is a good case for Oklahoma fans to say that they played the second half without a HC. Because he obviously didn’t see GA’s defense adjust to Oklahoma’s offense.


  19. Comin' Down The Track

    Who is Lincoln Riley?


  20. Hillbilly Dawg

    Actually #1….Kanell is a dick.


  21. doofusdawg

    And #3… LilEasy is a dgd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Otto

    Update: What is Stoops’ and Riley’s record in playoff games and BCS Bowls?


  23. Texas Dawg

    Ok, conversely can you imagine what Georgia’s rushing offense would look like in a Big 12 that has trouble even spelling defense. If UGA played Kansas, Texas Tech, etc on a weekly basis the 4th and 5th string backs would have 1000 yard seasons. What if Oklahoma had to play in the SEC where stout defense is pretty much a given? Don’t you think those gaudy numbers would take a huge hit?


  24. Biggus Rickus

    In terms of raw totals, I do think the Big 12 apologists have a point about the style of offenses driving the numbers to some extent. The problem is that the advanced metrics that take that kind of thing into account also rate the Big 12 defenses (with a couple of exceptions) poorly.


  25. Milledge Hall

    Our Dawgs came back against TCU in a bowl game last year. Dawgs 2-0 over Little 12 in last two years…….
    C’mon man!!!


  26. Sanford222view

    Danny… Lincoln,

    What would happen to Georgia’s offensive numbers if they played in the Big XII? I’ll hang up and listen.


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