When you pay more attention to sharks than quarterbacks…

As you read this ESPN piece about who will turn out to be 2018’s top quarterback, just remember that once upon a time, Jim McElwain made the decision that Will Grier didn’t fit into Florida’s future plans.

That seems to have worked out well for Grier, anyway.


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8 responses to “When you pay more attention to sharks than quarterbacks…

  1. Timphd

    Clearly invalid article. Didn’t even mention Tua. Thought that was mandatory on any article on QBs.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    McElwain is as good at developing quarterbacks as . . . Les Miles.


  3. Mayor

    Lost in the implosion if the FU program largely rooted in recruiting failure, is the plain fact that Sharkboy managed to beat Georgia and win back to back SEC East titles his first two seasons. Of course, then Boom’s players began to graduate and the whole thing came crashing down. Everybody says Sharkboy is washed up but just wait—he will be HC at a Power 5 school again.


  4. truck

    Didn’t Grier have some kind of disciplinary problem, or am I confusing him with a myriad of other Gators?


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    I remember during Jim’s second season the whispers really started getting cranked up among the UF folks that it was utter chaos inside the program, and regardless of whether he won a horribly weak SECE again, he was not going to last much longer as coach.

    The news from those inside the program and generally in the know was that CJM was a total egomaniac who thought he was always right and would never listen to anyone, and that included what to do with Grier. At the same time, recruiting really started nosediving, with Jim barely making an effort to recruit. And when he did host recruits on campus, he carried over that same arrogance to them.

    Fortunately for us, the talent level has been gutted, and Mullen really has his work cut out for him.