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Today, in adventures in amateurism

Remember, kids, it’s wrong to pay players, but there’s no problem paying a highly touted basketball recruit’s legal guardian $200,000 a year to join your coaching staff.


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First, they came for the linebackers.

Now, while I recognize that replacing an all-world talent like Roquan Smith is a tall order and, as such, I have concerns about how strong Georgia’s ILB play will be this season, I’m not at all of the same mindset when it comes to the outside ‘backers, even with the departures of stalwarts like Carter and Bellamy.  Why?  Well, here’s one clue.

Walker is going to be a serious threat at one OLB spot.  At the other, Walter Grant displayed a ridiculous football IQ last season.  And there is some real incoming situational talent in the 2018 class to add into the mix.  I have a feeling Georgia’s gonna be just fine there.



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Throwing Gators under the bus

Coach Mullen, I don’t think this is how selling to recruits is supposed to work (h/t):

“Florida got those two 2018 recruits who were highly recruited (Jacob Copeland and Justin Watkins), and they got the two transfers,” Pittman said. “But they were telling me I can compete right away. They were telling me they had a bunch of talented guys who can’t see the field because they don’t have it mentally in the head. Just dudes who can’t get the plays down, concepts, coverages, that stuff. I’m a big guy in the study room. I’ll be in the film room for hours.” [Emphasis added.]

Yeah, that one’s gonna leave a mark on the recruiting trail, methinks.  (Probably on the field this season, too, if accurate.)


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The hot take, she burns.

This post about Fromm’s injury has aged well in a mere fourteen hours.


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But the television revenue

Based on this data…

… would it be pissy of me to suggest that the last round of conference expansion is part of the reason SEC football is not perceived as being as dominant as it once was?

Not that South Carolina and Arkansas have brought much to the table of late, either…


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As long as you’re doing it for the kids…

Concerned Ohio State AD is concerned.

Gambling scandals have been a part of college sports for generations. But legal gambling creates potential issues that probably can’t even be foreseen yet.

“It concerns me,” Smith said. “It concerns me from the point of view of the athlete — making sure we protect people. My biggest concern is educating, educating, educating, and then putting in firewalls to protect them.”

He said the most vulnerable players are young players who may be immature and haven’t fully bought into the team’s culture.

“We know gambling exists now,” Smith said. “We’re not naive. But as it becomes more transparent and prevalent, our kids are going to be more susceptible to people trying to influence them to do things. How do we protect them from making a bad decision?”

I’m guessing the best way to do that involves schools getting a piece of the action.  Funny how that works, ain’t it?


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Today, in where are they now?

Damien Gary is the new head football coach at Dougherty High School.

Bet he can teach a few kids about the return game.


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