First, they came for the linebackers.

Now, while I recognize that replacing an all-world talent like Roquan Smith is a tall order and, as such, I have concerns about how strong Georgia’s ILB play will be this season, I’m not at all of the same mindset when it comes to the outside ‘backers, even with the departures of stalwarts like Carter and Bellamy.  Why?  Well, here’s one clue.

Walker is going to be a serious threat at one OLB spot.  At the other, Walter Grant displayed a ridiculous football IQ last season.  And there is some real incoming situational talent in the 2018 class to add into the mix.  I have a feeling Georgia’s gonna be just fine there.



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  1. Totally agree. If your going to beat UGA, you had better get them early. Linebacker Corps is going to be better than expected. Actually expect the D-Line to improve (the lack of depth will show up more next year) and the secondary will be a much more talented (but young) group. Everyone points to South Carolina. I personally think Georgia will run over the Gamecocks and physically beat them up. My worry is Mizzou. If the secondary doesn’t grow up quick enough, this is the team that could ‘bite us’ early in a high scoring game that could go either way. To be clear, I think Georgia isn’t really challenged until the Auburn game (maybe Jax).

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  2. Hillbilly Dawg

    Could be a real “Freak Show”


  3. Greg

    It all looks good on paper…..but we lost some “leadership” at those positions, that concerns me most.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    We should know quickly if we can still cover the short middle and the dreaded wheel route, or if we return to the bad-ol’-days.

    At least Hayden Hurst is in the NFL.



    Walker is gonna put up monster #s this year: look for him to be double team early and often.


  6. Charles

    Walter Gant was one of the most promising developments of this past season. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t on the national radar by the time he’s done in Athens.