Today, in adventures in amateurism

Remember, kids, it’s wrong to pay players, but there’s no problem paying a highly touted basketball recruit’s legal guardian $200,000 a year to join your coaching staff.


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13 responses to “Today, in adventures in amateurism

  1. Cousin Eddie

    The Newtons are not impressed, They didn’t even have to go to work for their cut.


  2. AusDawg85

    Worth every penny. Guy landed a 5 star recruit his first day on the job!


  3. Dave

    Well, you’re right about one of those things (the former, for those keeping score).


  4. Vidaliaway

    $200,004. Biiiiiiggggg difference.


  5. Greg

    One is against the rules, the other is not…


  6. Derek

    “Wrong?” Not sure its a moral question but if it is there’s no doubt that we should trust the universities to do well in that realm. Larry Nasser, Jerry Sandusky, Baylor, and Jim Jordan can speak to that.

    I don’t think it’s a question of morality. It’s a question about what we want intercollegiate sports to look like: a professional sports league or high school sports where the athletes get to choose where they play?


    • JCDAWG83

      A high school principal told me once that the two quickest ways for a principal to be fired was ” to get caught dong wrong with money or sports”. If a high school athlete is caught playing out of zone and it can be proven the coach and/or principal knew about it there is hell to pay. I know of coaches who have gone to the address an opposing player claims as his residence at ten o’clock on a Wednesday night to see if the kid is actually living there.


  7. Jack Burton

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game (which you “try” to do good senator).