Ain’t never coming back

Notre Dame just received a commitment from one of the top ten prospects from the state of Tennessee, four-star wide receiver TJ Sheffield.

Normally, of course, I don’t give a rat’s ass about a July commitment, especially one that doesn’t involve UGA, but I’m making an exception in his case because of one amusing historical note“Sheffield originally committed to Tennessee only to decommit after Alabama defeated the Vols 45-7.”

Man, Booch left such a bad taste in this kid’s mouth that not even Fulmer and Pruitt could wash it away.  (Although, what do you figure the odds are that Vol message board fans are dismissing this by saying Pruitt doesn’t really want him?)


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5 responses to “Ain’t never coming back

  1. Find it interesting that Pruitt appears to be doing better out of state than in-state. Most of the top talent in the state is heading elsewhere… They have a big time branding problem in Tennessee… The only solution is to win…


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I don’t see a very bright future for any program that can’t land a high percentage of in-state talent. Geography matters.


      • Derek

        The problem for UT is that they could dominate in state recruiting and still suck. They just don’t produce enough good players up there. They’ve gotta pull kids from the states to their south and east and get a few national prospects to be elite.

        What’s going to be interesting for me is whether Pruitt can, in year two or three, will an average team to wins over all but alabama and Georgia and THEN build a respectable roster that can compete at the highest level. Very narrow window for him but the east being a tire fire helps.


  2. Biggen

    I enjoy reading through the delusional threads over at If UT gets 7 wins it will be a minor miracle.