For Georgia’s tight ends, it’s all good, man.

At least that’s what their former position coach says.

Shane said he’s confident that Georgia’s tight ends will flourish under the guidance of Jim Chaney, who is moving over from quarterbacks to coach that group after handling the quarterbacks the last two seasons. James Coley has moved to coaching quarterbacks from receivers and been elevated to co-offensive coordinator.

“The group we had a Georgia was pretty special,” Beamer said of the tight ends. “I know they’re excited that the guy now coaching them is calling the plays. But it’s good. Obviously that’s his forte having coached them in the NFL. He was very helpful to me, particularly early on when I first got to Georgia, helping me since he’d been an NFL tight ends coach. He gave me a lot of tricks to the trade. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. He did a great job with Fromm last year … but it’ll be good for Chaney to get back in his element from his NFL days.”

Georgia is going to utilize the tight ends more this season is the meme that never dies.


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7 responses to “For Georgia’s tight ends, it’s all good, man.

  1. Russ

    There’s just something about a big tight end rumbling down the middle of the field as DBs bounce off of him that gets the crowd going.


  2. Thorn Dawg

    I do believe the TE will have a better year, numbers wise. My thinking is that we FINALLY have a studly group of OL that can dominate without the help of the TE staying in or chipping on almost every play.

    Just win baby.


  3. I love how this has replaced the, “Everyone is working harder and faster than last year with this new magical voodoo S&C regimen,” meme.

    Love the TE position btw so ANY increase of use is a plus in my book. Their the swiss army knife of the Offense. Especially with the dual threat skill set of run blocking and big recieving target that Nauta and Woerner equally represent.