You know it’s a slow offseason when…

Dan Wolken posits that “Paul Finebaum’s potential departure is biggest storyline in the SEC as media day nears”.

And, yes, he’s being serious.


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16 responses to “You know it’s a slow offseason when…

  1. Does anyone really think PAWWL is going to leave the SECN for the B1GN or anywhere else? If he did, would anyone other than his regular callers really care?

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  2. Paul has bubbled to the surface of national consciousness, a small, insular segment of the SEC fan base for all to ridicule and use as a broad brush to stereotype the entire region. Entertaining? Perhaps if you are into train wrecks and Jerry Springer fights I guess.

    Sure, the media landscape now is turning more bland and corporate (insert Tony Barnhart comment here), but if this is the only true alternative, then I’ll pass, thanks.


  3. Bright Idea

    I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with me because I quit watching Finebum because of those stupid everyday callers. They ask his opinion about football when he seems clueless about the game but he does get into the weeds with the politics of the SEC better than anyone.

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  4. 81Dog

    Maybe the World Wide Woke Leader doesn’t covet Pawwwwwwwwwl’s demographic. I guess OCD rednecks just don’t buy enough cool stuff.


  5. Dawg in Alabama

    Something tells me everything will work out just fine for Finebaum, after all his agent is Jimmy Sexton.



    Leverage, and if he does leave, he better not take Laura with him.


  7. TXBaller

    Listening to Finebaum on beach today….just had a GREAT interview with Mohammad Massaquoi.


  8. Gravidy

    I tried really hard to care less about the details of Finebaum’s employment.

    I failed.


  9. Doug

    Finebaum is the Kim Kardashian of CFB journalism (and yes, I realize I’m stretching that term to its breaking point). Famous for being famous.


  10. AusDawg85

    But…will Timmy Tears still BE SCREAMING without Paul?