From the credit where credit is due department:  Finebaum conducts an excellent interview with Mohammed Massaquoi that’s well worth a few minutes out of your day to watch.

For what it’s worth, of all of Massaquoi’s great moments at Georgia, the play I always come back to when I reflect on his career is the huge catch he made in the 2008 Kentucky game to set up the winning score.  Georgia was losing late, in part because of two fumbles by Massaquoi on the previous possessions, but Stafford went right back to him on this play (dial the clip up to the 4:45 mark to watch):

That was a money play and he wasn’t going to be denied.



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12 responses to “Massaquoi!

  1. Atticus

    Loved MoMass! Great player and a fantastic role model.

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  2. 79Dawg

    2006 Tech game winner for me!


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    80 yard TD vs fu!


  4. Red Cup

    Great IV. Excellent representative of UGA.


  5. Russ

    MoMass is a DGD. Hope he continues to succeed in whatever he does.

    And if F-Bomb just did interviews like this, I’d watch him. His call-in shows are the Yahoo comment section come to life. Just the worst of the worst.


  6. Beave

    The touchdown in the clip late in the is for A.J. Green. That game really showed off what kind of athlete Randall Cobb was.


  7. BosnianDawg

    Massaquoi sounds like he would make a great sports announcer.


    • WF Dawg

      My thoughts, too. He’s articulate and can disagree without being disagreeable. He’s a great representative of UGA.

      FWIW, my favorite memory of him was the 15-12 win over Tech, where he caught the go-ahead TD and the 2pt conversion to crush Tech hearts.


  8. MDDawg

    I’m so impressed. I honestly don’t think I’d handle that situation even half as well as he has. Hope he continues to keep his chin up.


  9. Jim

    Funny I have no recollection of that game, and my wife usually thinks I’m weird for being able to remember specifics of every UGA game the last 25 years

    In any event, MoMass’ best moment will always be 06 against tech


  10. Joe

    2006 final drive vs Tech with Munson