A modest prediction

I’ll bet most of you won’t find any serious fault in Pete Fiutak’s ranking of the SEC’s head football coaches.



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4 responses to “A modest prediction

  1. NCDawg

    ‘Ouch!’ to anyone ranking lower than Coach O.


  2. Got Damn…

    To make what [Saban is] doing even crazier, he’s a kick-six against Auburn and a pick play by Clemson from probably winning six national titles in the last seven seasons and seven in the last nine.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Eh. The Auburn game was tied, and there’s no reason to expect Alabama would have won in overtime. I don’t consider it a sure thing that they would have beaten FSU either. As for Clemson, I just went back and rewatched the play multiple times. It’s not obviously an illegal play. It looks more like the jam caused the Clemson receiver to stumble.


  3. Argondawg

    his article “Rebirth of a Super Power.”….. He is talking about Tennessee. Are they building the Death Star in Knoxville with Coach Rocket Scientist? Hyperbole? Geez


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