Good Hands Godwin

I said, watching Terry Godwin’s play his first season, that he had the best hands on the team.

That doesn’t appear to have changed.


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7 responses to “Good Hands Godwin

  1. Argondawg

    Hayden Hurst was far and away the best tight end in the country last year. That guy was money.


    • D.N. Nation

      Towards the end of UGA/SCAR last year, their offense was basically just Bentley Favre-ing around and heaving ’em to Hurst.


  2. Saltwater Dawg

    Agreed. He was pretty much their whole offense against us last year. 0.0% drops for the season, as often as he was targeted, incredible.


  3. SlobberKnocker

    Any stats on success rate of one handed catches while falling out of bounds?


    • Got Cowdog

      Terry Godwin was one for one in the somewhat narrow “Got Cowdog’s Encyclopedic Book of Football Statistics”.


  4. TXBaller

    Street & Smith has Davis as best hands in SEC….disgraceful!


  5. 92 grad

    Godwin in his freshman year really won me over. Wasn’t a great season but the kid really came through when he could.