Stupid is as stupid does.

Gary Patterson is a coach.  Coaches like to be in control.  So Patterson’s take on the new NCAA transfer rules comes as no surprise… even this bit:

Additionally, Patterson believes the NCAA should not allow freshmen to transfer. He pointed to the number of college basketball transfers as a reason to prevent freshmen from doing so in football.

“You know how many basketball kids transferred last year? 800,” Patterson said. “That’s with 13 scholarships. Can you imagine football teams with 85 scholarships, what the number of transfers is going to be?

“What we’re teaching our kids to do is quit. I’m not starting. I’m not getting my playing time. Every freshman I’ve ever known wants to transfer because it’s harder than anything else he did in high school.

“As I tell people all the time, at your house you’re going to allow your 17-year-old, 18-year-old to run your household? Let them pay your bills, that’s what you do? No. You don’t do that. So why are we putting our jobs in jeopardy because of an 18-year-old? That’s stupid.”

Pretty theatrical there.  I can’t help but wonder what his reaction would be if an AD tried that line of reasoning on him.  But I digress, I suppose.

What is funny is that he doesn’t seem as choked up about this.

The NCAA likely felt it needed to make a change in regards to transfers with stories such as Corey Sutton coming to light. Kansas State refused to release Sutton from his athletic scholarship in May 2017 even though Sutton’s list of 35 potential transfer destinations didn’t include Big 12 schools or teams on future K-State schedules.

In fact, some schools were FCS and Division II.

Patterson called the K-State situation the “worst-case scenario” when it comes to transfers, but thought the NCAA went too far, especially without putting some parameters on it.

Maybe a parameter of thirty restrictions would suffice for Gary.


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4 responses to “Stupid is as stupid does.

  1. ASEF

    Most coaches at that level see themselves as parents. The kind who throw you out of the house if you get sideways (tough love, don’t you know), take credit for all your accomplishments if you rise up (some one pushed them to that success, don’t you know), and believe 18 year olds are really 4 year olds who should only talk when spoken to.

    Control freaks with a messiah complex.


  2. Derek

    Can’t other coaches just not accept “quitters?” Wouldn’t that solve it Gary?


  3. Doug

    Wonder what Gar-bear’s attitude would’ve been if Florida had offered him $6 million last year.


  4. FisheriesDawg

    Gary Patterson has stayed at TCU for years despite what I’m sure have been multiple offers to jump to higher profile gigs (he’s the guy I wanted when we fired Richt). I’d take his word in good faith before most D1 coaches.

    He’s also got a valid point about kids being challenged in their freshman year. It may not be a problem that should be solved at the NCAA level, but I can see how he honestly sees it as a problem.