Not one of those recruiting posts

In case you haven’t heard, Georgia picked up its eleventh commitment for the class of 2019, defensive lineman Zion Logue.  I don’t really have any interest in delving into the kid’s tapes, how he projects or anything else like that.  Instead, I’d like to turn your attention to what really gives me pleasure here:  how it burns, even if just in the short term, two other programs.

First, Logue is yet another kid from Tennessee spurning the home state Vols.  This apparently is being noticed.

Where are the in-state players?

Perhaps the question will be phrased more delicately, but Pruitt can expect to be asked in some fashion about his approach to recruiting talent from the Volunteer State.

The reason is simple. Only one of the 13 players committed to the Vols’ 2019 recruiting class is a high school senior in Tennessee, and the state’s top prospects in the class continue pledging to other schools.

Top prospects such as Nashville receiver Lance Wilhoite (Oregon), Murfreesboro cornerback Woodi Washington (Oklahoma), Nashville linebacker Kane Patterson (Ohio State) and Memphis running back Eric Gray (Michigan) have announced their commitments to other schools this month. Just one of the state’s top eight high school seniors remains uncommitted.

The Vols’ only in-state high school commitment is from Nashville offensive guard Jackson Lampley. Two other commitments in the class have ties to the state. East Mississippi Community College defensive lineman Darel Middleton is originally from Oak Ridge, while IMG Academy (Bradenton, Florida) offensive lineman Chris Akporoghene previously played high school football in east Tennessee.

Not to worry, Urnge Nation.  Jeremy Pruitt has taken a page out of SOD’s recruiting manual (see “Dooleyland” in the Lexicon) and redefined geography.

Instead, their focus to this point has been on talent-rich Georgia. They have five commitments from the Peach State. Pruitt said during a Big Orange Caravan stop in Atlanta this summer that he considers the Atlanta area as “in state.”

Cool beans, man.  Does that mean we get to take your water… I mean, it’s really our water, amirite?

Meanwhile, even folks who swallowed the “Fulmer knew what he was doing when he hired Pruitt” line are getting a wee bit concerned.  Check out Rocky Top Talk’s reaction to Logue’s commitment.

Tonight he has committed to Georgia, meaning Tennessee has missed on yet another top prospect from inside its own borders. In recent weeks, the Vols have seen receiver Lance Wilhoite commit to Oregon, defensive back Woodi Washington commit to Oklahoma and linebacker Kane Patterson commit to Ohio State.

Tennessee currently holds just one commitment from an in-state player (two if you want to count Chris Akporoghene), coming from Jackson Lampley. That’s a trend that Jeremy Pruitt and his staff are going to have to fix quickly.

Unless Pruitt and company are planning on flipping a bunch of kids, that seems like a horse is already out of the barn suggestion.  Guess we’ll just have to settle for angst for the moment.

Meanwhile, this example of ‘Cock strutting (“It’s the middle of July and we are all in the same range of commitments and we are ahead of them. Pressure is all on them.”) is not aging well, as the Logue commitment bumps Georgia five spots ahead of South Carolina in the latest version of 247Sports’ recruiting ratings … and that’s with Kirby holding five less commitments than Boom.

Not to say it’ll last (who knows?), but it’s certainly good for a few shits and giggles for now.


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40 responses to “Not one of those recruiting posts

  1. Spike

    Agreed. This will get me thru the day..


  2. The average rating for our 11 (I believe the lowest number in the top 20) commitments is the highest in the top 50. Cocks, Vols and Gators, once again, we’re going to separate even further from you when this cycle is done.

    It’s amazing to watch what is happening from a talent standpoint. Kirby continues to build the monster.

    From all the buzz about this kid, he is a rapid riser with the services. If he can keep the speed of an end with the size of a tackle, he could be a great find.


    • Hillbilly Dawg

      Someone correct me if I am wrong.
      I read that he camped at UGA in June and was offered at camp; he was probably impressive. So that leaves me to guess that perhaps he has not been to a great deal of camps and just hasn’t had the exposure.


      • Argondawg

        He camped or worked out at UGA, UTk and Bama this summer and all three offered afterward. That says all I need to know.

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      • Silver Creek Dawg

        He gained about 40 pounds of muscle between the end of the season and summer camps. I’ll trust CKS and staff when they evaluate in person and offer on the spot. This kid will be a mid to high 4* before the end of 2018.


        • Argondawg

          The kid is 6’5 287. Has put on 40 lbs of good weight since last season and is still 16. He is going to be a full grown man


  3. Biggen

    Volnation has a recruitment thread on both Drob and Logue. It’s good bathroom reading. Basically it boils down to they are either overhyped or prima donnas. I love reading their material over there…


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    And please keep in mind that, with three star Logue, this is a situation where coaches strongly are at odds the recruiting services rankings, as Bama was heavily pursuing him along with other top programs. He’s also put on 50 lbs of good weight in the last year as well, and I’ll be shocked if he isn’t upgraded to a 4 star this fall.

    UF and UT both are not doing well at all right now with their respective coaches’ first full class, and fans at both schools are really gripping. Baring horrid coaching or luck in the next few years, the talent descrepancy is such that I just don’t see us losing to either anytime soon. For ex, UGA currently has seventeen 5 star recruits on their roster. UF: two. And after this year that number for UF will go to zero, while UGA’s will hit 20-21 for 2019. Good luck overcoming that.

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  5. 92 grad

    I get a lot of positive thoughts by reading your posts about how successful Kirby has been in recruiting, especially when it makes our competition feel heat. I also fear the day where we get numb to it and don’t embrace the “let’s see results on the field” attitude. Last season was great but the ability to back it up by a strong showing this season keeps me from swimming in the clouds all the time.


  6. paul

    At this point I do believe Atlanta would allow itself to be annexed by Tennessee if it meant access to water from the Tennessee river.


  7. Bright Idea

    Pruitt probably hasn’t spent much time recruiting in Tenn so why start now hoss?


  8. Jack Klompus

    These b-holes forgot about Bill Norton, right Wes?


  9. Pruitt may end up being a fine coach – but I expect ooor results at UT – partially because of the fan base – partially because of Fuller and then Pruitt’s over bearing personality kicking in.

    Then add to the massive jump georgia has in talent – the improvement in Kentucky and South Carolina and the talent advantage UF has and with a Missouri team that actually is more talented than the Bols right now – shake well – add a little salt – and his goose will be cooked in two years.


  10. HR

    Anybody know how we’re sitting with regard to DT’s? I’m worried about the D line.


    • Khari Vion Jr.

      4 deep at each position. From a pure numbers perspective, we should be ok.


    • Thorn Dawg

      We should be okay. We have commitments from Norton and Logue, and we should land the 5 star Georgia kid, Travon Walker. All three could play both DE or DT. I really wish the staff would offer the local kid, Logan Cash. If you haven’t seen his tape, it’s mighty impressive for a 3star recruit.


      • David Chadwick

        UGA is in an all-out fight for Walker. Some believe he’s leaning to Boom at this moment. I’d have to think that if he doesn’t sign with UGA that Scott is on the hot seat. DT/NT is the only spot where UGA is missing on the 4-5 star kids. The pressure is squarely on Scott to deliver.


        • Silver Creek Dawg

          On the SC insider boards, they’ve all but given up on landing Walker and think he’s headed to Athens.


    • Argondawg

      We need a 0 or 1 Technique to play over center/guard. They tend to be a little shorter and stouter. Atkins was perfect for it. He would eat up two gaps on running plays. I am not sure Rochester is up to that challenge this year. We haven’t really signed anyone who fits that bill lately. You have to be flat nasty to play that spot. Not a lot of glory


  11. Starbreaker

    Many of these other SEC schools are doing what Georgia used to do…accept commitments from 3 or mid-ling 4 stars when the kids want to because the old “a bird in hand.” This coaching staff doesn’t do that…they have their prime targets and they are locked in and not taking commitments at this time from the lower guys. I would imagine after the big west endzone unveiling we will be jumping up the rankings. A lot of the elite guys like to play it out till Dec. or there are some flips the staff sees as preferable to just filling spots. Our average player ranking on 247 is totally insane right now. DT is definitely a bit of a concern right now, but I’m telling myself to just trust Kirby and co. We are in the midst of being spoiled by riches and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride!


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    If there isn’t a LOLCOCKS website devoted to Sakerlina “football,” there oughta be. I mean, I’m not Googling that to find out, but some of you more adventurous types might be so inclined.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Neither utk nor scu has a commitment from a player the Dawgs want. They are fighting over Kirby’s table scraps. Kirby’s only serious competition is named saban, and everyone can see how that battle is turning.

    Kirby is a recruiting machine. Landing Hayes and DRob this summer were masterful. Not sure if we land the #1 class for 2019, as we probably don’t have 20 slots to fill. But every player we sign will be a stud.


    • willypmd

      Yeah that 2018 class was the second best class of all time and Kirby goes and adds the best JUCO DT and WE in the country to it.

      He is incredible


  14. Macallanlover

    Picking up on the water comment, how can the state of Georgia ignore the facts about the boundary issue? I understand not redrawing the line and changing the addresses/taxes of involved residents in that area, but should GA force TN to offer the water rights as a way of avoiding the court fight, which would almost certainly favor Georgia’s position That could be a compromise position for TN which would help Georgia’s issue with Atlanta’s growth straining the resource capacity, and it wouldn’t hurt TN a bit as that water has already passed Chattanooga and heading into Alabama at that point. Seems chicken shitted on the part of Georgia’s government officials.


  15. Greg

    It really “burns” when the state does not produce a whole lot of HS talent. Looks as though this kid has plenty of upside….his offers were from some pretty dang good schools.


  16. Dawg19

    Annnd Warren McClendon just committed to Georgia over South Carolina. Keep strutting, Cocks.


  17. DawgPhan

    It’s going to take some serious effort to get the Vols back on track.

    Seems like every time you turn around some former Vol is taking a shot at UT on social media. That cant help.


  18. Cojones

    Don’t look now, but Tenn just lost a Soph or Jr to the Poelice. Dang, Pruitt, you need to suggest that Fulmer hits the recruiting road to make up for impending loss of players. Anyway, better luck next time you are featured here with SC. I think you just ended up keel-hauled by the Commodores if things stay on this attrition road.