Rule change alert!

Evidently Steve Shaw is holding court at SEC Media Days now.  Check this out:

It’s a good development, but how in the hell do they expect officials to keep up with that?


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27 responses to “Rule change alert!

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Sounds like a pretty excellent excuse for more phantom flags. Advantage: Alabama.

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  2. How many times has a Tech linemen taken out a Georgia linemen by cutting their feet out from under them from the side? Now they have to be fast and athletic enough to get out in front of their backs and the linemen and linebackers coming up to stop the run in a system that runs side to side? 3-9 might be optimistic for the Jackets…


  3. John Denver is full of shit...

    This should be convenient when big money is on the wrong team.

    How about financial punishment for poor officiating? nahh.


  4. Mayor

    They can’t. Another bad rule change that will give crooked refs a chance to flip the outcome of a game by pulling out a hanky. If they were serious about player safety they would just outlaw blocking below the waist—period.


  5. Bigshot

    They will call it at the least oppurtune time on UGA. Probably when UGA is going in for the winning score against Bama. Remember Shaw is a Bama graduate.


  6. Otto

    I am sure with Smart on after Shaw Mr College Football was on it with some great questions such as, “Mr Shaw, Is there any conflict of interest should UGA and Bama play a game with something big on the line?”


  7. Russ

    “Mr. Shaw, is there any chance that SEC officials won’t suck this season?”


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Is this an SEC rule for conference games only I assume and/or ones where SEC refs are used? If so, Paul Johnson is pissed right now, as they now have a 0.0% chance of beating us at their place next year with SEC refs in place. He’s probably also worried about the NCAA adopting this rule, as that would badly hurt his rinky dink offense moving forward.


  9. CPark58

    Does anyone know of a website or resource that grades out and publishes officiating crews each game?


  10. Spike

    Penn Wagers has a woody.. and nods affirmatively..


  11. paul

    Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the five yards downfield part of that rule been in effect for a while? Or am I thinking about RPO blocking?


    • Greg

      That at one time was a rule. Just guessing here, but I am pretty sure they keep changing it back and forth….can’t keep up. They want to keep changing the rules to warrant their worth, getting like the IRS.


  12. Greg

    CONFUSED…..what has changed??


  13. saildawg

    If memory serves me correctly I believe they gave a sneak peak at enforcing this rule against Georgia in the SEC championship game. I believe it was called on Hollyfield after a legal block in the hole. Gary Danielson couldn’t believe it .


    • Otto

      Yes that call was what I immediately went to.


    • To your point – Holyfield was playing fullback on that play and dove from the front of the linebacker. He definitely wasn’t 5 yards down field at that point. Simply a ridiculous call.


      • Sanford222view

        They incorrectly called a crack back block on Holyfield because they thought he was lined up on the outside in the slot to start the play. Somehow they missed that he was playing FB.


  14. The Dawg abides

    The cut block from the side is the big thing here. It’s Tech’s lifeblood, not the straight ahead knee dives in one-on-one blocking. The whole scheme is designed for the side block. It’s why there is border line chop-blocking at the line on every play. The guards and center block down on d-linemen to their side. The tackles job is to side-cut the mlbs flowing to the play. But the most dangerous block, and the one undoubtedly designed to injure the knee, comes from the play-side slot back diving into the side of the knee, helmet first, on the de/olb flowing to the play. No doubt this is part of Johnson’s philosophy to take out the superior athletes he faces every game.


  15. 209

    Mr. Shaw: If a player runs forward and leaps in an attempt to block a kick, he cannot get into the plane above the frame. “If you leap, run forward and leap into that plane, it’s a foul. So if you run forward and leap and don’t get in that, it’s OK,” Shaw said.


  16. AusDawg85

    Tell the DL to stand sideways at the LOS and they can’t be blocked.


  17. Uglydawg

    Officiating is the biggest problem in “on the field” football. Not just the SEC, not just against UGA..but from HS ball to the pros, officiating is terrible. Officials are often inept..less often but sometimes crooked. They make calls selectively and miss calls on purpose. The NC game was the epitome of ineptness and fear of Saban- induced on the field blindness. Those dumb asses and not the two teams, determined who got the NC trophy. If you go to a HS game where there is no replay, it gets horrible. As far as bad officiating in the pros…Boston.
    Don’t know the answer…but I have proposed before that the SEC adopt a rule by which every coach gets to ban up to two officials from doing his teams games for a year. If a ref gets banned by two coaches, he’s on probation and is suspended for the rest of the season or the first five games of the next season (so they don’t “pay you back” in the last game”). If three coaches ban an official in a year,(or maybe two years) he’s fired.