Death, taxes and Huntley Johnson

A new coach at most places leads to the usual cheap talk about strength and conditioning improvements, better utilization of talent, coaches who “get it”, etc.

At Florida, it leads to how the “team has improved its behavior accountability“.  This from a guy who cut his teeth coaching under Urban Meyer.  Sheesh.


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10 responses to “Death, taxes and Huntley Johnson

  1. William Abbott

    From 1991-2008 Fla won 8 SEC titles. But since their 1984 SEC title was vacated that means in the other 67 years of being in the SEC they have won ZERO conference championships including the last 9 seasons. Hope their fans realize Spurrier or Meyer isn’t walking through that door😂


  2. Mayor

    Mullen should know.


  3. steve

    Damullen is the biggest poser since Zorro. Not a thought leaves his mouth publicly that isn’t self-promotional or self-protective. He has enhanced the Lou Holtz Douchetime Award for Loud Mouths to include crafty-fox eye swivels and faux self deprecation.
    He is a sure future member of the UF Circle of Jerks.


    • Uglydawg

      Zorro was a poser?
      Great, clever and entertaining post, Steve. But I can’t help but wonder how in the world…… of all the people in the world, Zorro entered your mind as you typed it.
      I haven’t thought of Zorro in 50 years.
      Maybe “Zorro” will stick on Mullen. I like it.


      • The Dawg abides

        I guess it’s literal. Zorro did strike quite a pose.


      • Wally Butts In

        Someone referred to Mullen as Cousin Eddy a few years back, and that stuck in my mind. When he shows up to events with his hair all slicked back, I think of him as Slick Eddy. Zorro would be nice, but that would probably negatively affect my view of a character I imitated while playing as a small child (usually running around my house in pajamas “slicing” things up – until mama shut down my shenanigans).


  4. Doug

    I guess Florida players are going to get slapped on both wrists now.