Careless whispers and low bars

Judging from my emails, several of you have latched on to a comment about the bee-you-tee-ful friendship in K-ville in this piece:

There also are whispers out of Knoxville that the hard-charging Pruitt and new athletic director Phillip Fulmer are not exactly seeing eye to eye as both feel their way in their new roles. And maybe those growing pains are to be expected considering the newness in some ways and the old habits — Fulmer being the coach; Pruitt working for guys way more famous than the AD — in others.

I have no idea what that’s about, let alone whether it’s a real thing, but I certainly appreciate the effort.  I’m sure it will be vehemently denied, at least until it’s not convenient to do so.

What I find more amusing from that article are the thin reeds the author grasps to make the case for Pruitt.

Is Pruitt the guy? Impossible to know when they’re in coats and ties in July and putting on their best behavior.

But here’s a quick checklist on positives for Pruitt so far:

He handled Murray’s criticism about his ability to be a CEO of a program like a CEO of a program.

He answers questions with a directness that (a) would make Butch pass out and (b) lets everyone know that he has a confidence in his knowledge of football that he’s fine with mixing up a couple of syllables and some subject-verb agreement. (Know who else does that? Saban, aight.)

He refuses to reference a player by name. And while that may make it tough for beat writers and the rest of this industry, the truth is, name the last UT player who deserved to be singularly praised? We’ll wait.

He’s not Booch, in other words.  Only in Knoxville would that be considered a home run hire.  (While we’re at it, when did referencing a player by name amount to praise?)

It’s not so much that I’m rooting against Pruitt, but if UT stumbles (again), it sure is gonna be fun listening to the spin.


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12 responses to “Careless whispers and low bars

  1. Cojones

    Aaron is one of our heroes and, included in that sentiment of his exploits is his 4 wins against Tenn during his tenure. His remarks are spot on concerning Pruitt’s time as D coach at UGA if I am to believe others who have chimed in in support of his statement. While we are not privy to the criticism specifics, I have to agree with the statement that Pruitt has handled it publicly as a CEO should. It lends credence to the statement that he may have understood his past demeanor with subordinates and bosses would affect his stay at Tenn and he may have graduated to that level of understanding while working with Saban.

    Beating the proverbial dead equine hopefully is over and the past shouldn’t reflect on his present duties at the pinnacle of his achievements. Like you, Senator, I think later developments of the Tenn shit show may be entertaining, but right now I think we should let matters take their course without contributing further to his demise, i.e., let it go and don’t give wings to rumors that will plague him for the coming months. Chortling over the Fulmer/Pruitt future mix remains fair game.


    • Tony Barnfart

      as a rival standing in our way, wouldn’t it behoove us to argue their program is unstable ? /serious question


    • Dolly Llama

      Um, how does talking about how you went from a kindergarten teacher to UT coach qualify as “handling it publicly like a CEO should?” I thought it made him sound kinda dumb and petulant. Is there some other CEO-like thing he did in response that I missed?


  2. Brandon

    I’m not rooting against Pruitt, just UT, as always.

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    • Go Dawgs!

      I’m rooting against Tennessee, as always, and I’m also specifically rooting against Pruitt. And Fulmer.


  3. Bright Idea

    You might can trust one or the other but Pruitt and Fulmer together could easily blow up and everybody on Rocky Top knows that. It didn’t take Murray, Pollack and Mason to tell them. They all have their fingers crossed right now.

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  4. AusDawg85

    Off topic but your Aretha Franklin MPC’s earlier contributed to my catching a documentary on George Michael the other night (Showtime? Cinemax?). Was never a fan and thought his stuff was all Wham! pop crap. Turns out he had a deep affinity for R&B and some albums that created a lot of controversy as a white man doing “black” music so well. His fight with Sony was also an industry milestone. If you’ve dismissed him as a pop culture preener, check out the documentary and you may be surprised at his talent and body of work.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      This looked like it was going to be a musical palate cleanser, and it turns out that it is! 😉


    • Red Cup

      I may be the only one on this site who can say they saw George Michael in concert. He played at the old Braves stadium and my 13 year old step son at the time wanted to go. We were among about 48,900 teenage girls. One of the more interesting evenings I have ever had. With the screaming I could almost imagine I was at the Beatles show. ….Almost


  5. BA Baracus

    Best. Walk. Up. Song. Evah.